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  1. Los Medanos RN

    Hello! I am started this thread to if there are others who plan on applying to Los Medanos on Spring 2022 ?
  2. Los medanos 2013 lottery result

    Does anyone know whether the 2013 lottery results for Los medanos is out?
  3. Los Medanos 2014

    Is there anyone else that was on that tiny list of students drawn in the lottery today? I was, and I'm so excited! :) What do we do now, wait for something in the mail?
  4. Los Medanos ADN Fall 2018

    Hey guys!! Just wanted to start a thread for those applying to LMC for fall 2018! I am super nervous about the new system but am praying I get in! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments!!
  5. Los medanos nursing program alternate list

    Anyone else out there that is on the alternate list for the nursing program at LMC for 2017?!?! I took the TEAS & passed almost 2 weeks ago and still no call wondering if other students have started to receive them because I'm # 6 out of 21 stud...
  6. Los Medanos ADN program Fall/2015

    Hello All, Starting a thread for all of you who have applied to Los Medanos for the fall 2015 ADN program. I submitted my application for the program back in February. I recieved a recipt saying that they recieved my app. Then last week I recieved a ...
  7. Los Medanos LVN Fall 2016

    I have been accepted into the LVN program for Fall 2016 . I'm nervous and excited at the same time! Anyone else on here that has gotten accepted? I would like to meet classmates prior to the program starting, if possible. 😊

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