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Trying to find out if anyone applied for the Nursing program at Malcolm X? What should I expect after applying?... Read More

  1. by   kelders
    Quote from JMTrumpet1
    Hey everybody,

    My Academic Advisor just sent me an e-mail asking me if I submitted proof of my CNA certification with my application to the Nursing Program. As I told him, there was no place I saw in the online application to submit this info and there wasn't even a question on the application regarding CNA licensure.

    Did I miss something? Did any of you (especially those who've received acceptance letters to the ADN program) submit any kind of proof of CNA certificate, and if so, how did you submit it?

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    No problem, I went to CCC for my CNA so it was already in their system. However it did state for us to submit documents to the nursing office. It sounds like you're going to get in. Good luck
  2. by   kelders
    Is there a second test we have to take to move on to the 2nd semester for the RN program?
  3. by   drewc1993
    Received my acceptance email today with the condition that i complete an updated background check.

    For those of you that have already received their acceptance emails, did you respond like the email stated accepting your seat in the program ?
  4. by   kelders
    Yes, you have to accept your seat or you will lose it.
  5. by   maisyLPN
    I've been emailing Dr. Rice for the past week. We keep missing each other's calls and when I try to call him, I've only been able to leave a voicemail once. I got an email today saying I'll receive my acceptance letter today or Monday but it's conditional until they can confirm that I submitted my background check. I definitely did! So I'm waiting for the letter to make sure it's real. I do hope so!
  6. by   drewc1993
    Make sure to bring a photocopy, not the original when you bring your CNA certificates to room 3100 at Malcom X. I just dropped mine off today. I spoke to someone in the nursing office that said that we will receive an email when we are able to register for the fall classes.
  7. by   maisyLPN
    Got the official acceptance letter for the LPN bridge program! Woohoo!
  8. by   kelders
    Congrats, did you attend Malcolm X for your LPN?
  9. by   JMTrumpet1
    I received my acceptance letter today. So excited and so relieved!
  10. by   maisyLPN
    No, I went to school in another state, transferred my license here three years ago.
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  12. by   maisyLPN
    The system is down so I can't log in to sign up, not until midnight 😔. I'm so anxious and have so many questions now! How much did they charge you for this course?
  13. by   Sidlag19
    Does anyone know when we can register for RN classes?