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  1. Hi all, I am a Nursing Student one semester away from graduating with an Associate Degree in Nursing (RN). I thought I would apply for a CNA position this summer at several of my local hospitals, with the goal to not only earn some income, but also to gain more hospital experience and establish a good work reputation in the hope of getting hired as an RN by that hospital upon graduation from my program at the end of the year. The first hospital I applied at (online) for a position called me back within 48 hours and I had an interview that seemed to go very well. They took me for a tour of the Floor and generally talked as if my being hired was practically a done deal. But unfortunately, in the final phase of the interview I told the HR person that it was my plan to drop down to Registry at the start of the Fall semester so as not to endanger my studies and grades. She replied that the Floor Manager was intent upon filling the position (24 hours per week) permanently. And sure enough, a few days later I received an e-mail saying the position had been filled. Fair enough. But, I've also applied to 31 CNA positions at Advocate Aurora Healthcare through their online portal during the past two months. 31!!! And I have yet to receive even a single request for an interview for any of them. I have a CNA certification, and though I have never worked as a CNA (the CNA Certification was a prerequisite for my Nursing Program), I have completed 75% of my RN Nursing Degree program along with the requisite clinicals involved. I would think that as such, I'd make a desirable candidate for a CNA position (especially for a hospital that constantly has 25 more more open CNA positions they are trying to fill). I am in my mid fifties and I am wondering if age discrimination is happening here. Your thoughts? Thanks, John