Too many new grads??

  1. Hi everyone! I'm an RN with about 2.5 years experience. I just got hired on at a very respectful hospital on the peds heme/onc unit. I have been applying for 2 years so I'm very excited! I was nervous because I was afraid of being the least experienced nurse there. To my shock they hired 9 other nurses on this unit and ALL except myself are new grads.
    I wasn't sure what to that too many at once? I feel like the mother hen even though I'm still so new lol.
    I was surprised a reputable hospital like this hired so many. I think there were around 60 new RNs hired, most being new grads..What are your thoughts on this?
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  3. by   EMEddie
    I think its awesome and great! New grads, like you were once have to start somewhere sometime. I am a new grad as well and was blessed enough to have two options to chose from and some of my classmates were also hired. I believe simply that the nurse saturation is slowly decompressing in some areas and as said, I feel grateful for have received the offer from my top choice facility.

    God is great!
  4. by   LoveShihtzu
    That is awesome. If they are a respectful hospital and hired so many new grads they must have the means of training them. It is wonderful news to hear of this, considering the number of new grads with huge amount of loans and so much difficulty finding jobs.
  5. by   KelRN215
    I came from a hospital that did precisely this. The reason being? They were the lowest paying hospital around (new grads at the hospital next door made more than I did with nearly 5 years experience) and had a poor reputation amongst local nurses (despite being a nationally renowned institution) so experienced nurses knew better than to apply there and they wanted new grads who were cheaper than experienced nurses anyway. Around 1/3 of the staff on my floor left in a 1 1/2 year period... they only replaced about 1/3-1/2 of those who left and every new hire was a new grad.
  6. by   brithoover
    It just seems a little off to me. You can't throw a bunch of brand new nurses together and expect things to run smooth
  7. by   Ruby Vee
    I sincerely hope they have the experienced nurses to precept all of these new grads.
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  9. by   brithoover
    Me too (: Our floor wasn't even the biggest hire. I think the NICU took in 13 new staff most being newly graduated
  10. by   lolaviex
    I'm about to graduate, so it's exciting to hear that new grads are being considered and hired. However, it does seem a little scary also. It would remind me of being in a group of clinical students - the blind leading the blind. Plus, the pressure it would put on the existing experienced nurses might really stress them out.
  11. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Believe it or not, we will be hiring between 75-80 GN's this Summer. Our CNO prefers new grads. As long as there is 1:1 preceptor to GN ratio, I think that is great. And all of them go through a long internship.
  12. by   brithoover
    The floor staff that I talked to said its really difficult for them. We have 3 months orientation but you really aren't comfortable for at least 6 months. So once everyone is off orientation, most still need help from the regular staff
  13. by   cmmny
    Can I ask which hospital you are speaking of? I have been a nurse since 2010 and would love to work in oncology, so far I have not had any luck in my area.
  14. by   brithoover
    Quote from cmmny
    Can I ask which hospital you are speaking of? I have been a nurse since 2010 and would love to work in oncology, so far I have not had any luck in my area.
    I'm in Toronto Canada