Tulsa Community vs. Tulsa Tech?

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    I am currently earning my CNA through Tulsa Tech, and am stuck between TTC and TCC's program for my associates (I plan on switching to a university for my BSN later) Both have long waiting lists, of courses, but I was interested to know if anyone has attended either of these programs and found them educational/well-taught?

    Also, any students/alum at OU Health Sciences Center in Tulsa? The location draws me to it for my BSN, but I haven't heard anything about it really.

    Any opinions would be appreciated!

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    tulsa tech has a two year waiting list, tcc would most likely be your best bet, that is of course if you allready have your prereqs.
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    Hi, I go to TCC now and am currently in level 3, and while it hasn't always been peachy, I've been pretty satisfied with it. It does have one of the highest NCLEX pass rates in the Tulsa area along with OU Tulsa. I do feel like I'm being adequately prepared for NCLEX and my future career as a nurse which is the most important thing. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer them!
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    I went to Tulsa Tech's LPN program. It's a self-paced program, so you have to be okay with not having lectures and have alot of self motivation. Tulsa Tech does not offer an associates. Its a technical school, not a college. I am currently going to Tulsa Community College and I've heard it's a very challenging program, but thats a good thing in my opinion.
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    I was in the 1st class (2002-3) of St Francis Hospital's 'Grow Your Own Nurses' LPN program. It was taught by TTC but all the classes and clinicals were at SFH. I don't think SFH has it anymore. It was 15 months of Mon-Thur 10 hours a day at work, with classes and clinicals on Fri-Sat. I would still be at SFH if I hadn't ended up with a nutjob for a Unit Supervisor.:typing
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    Tulsa Tech's practical nursing program is a great program. They are celebrating their 50th Aniversary. They do not offer an Associate Degree. You recieve a certificate of completion and are qualified to sit for the NCLEX licensing exam for LPN. The wait list is currently 6 months to one year. They are self-directed and you do have to be very motivated.Applications will be accepted in the Fall. Call 828-5200 for more information.
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    There is NO waiting list at RSU. You do your 5 pre-reqs, you apply and you are ranked according to those grades and those grades alone. The top 75 are in.
    Good luck to you. RSU may be an option.
    1. english comp I
    2. cell biology
    3. freshman orientation (must be taken at RSU)
    4. dosage calculations (must be taken at RSU)
    5. A and P
    You can call and see what other things may increase your ranking.
    Im hoping to get in and I took english, phys, and cell bio at TCC
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    I am reading that everyone keeps inferring that there is a long waiting list at TTC, but this was my first semester applying and I got right in. I have found that as long as you have high grades and application points, the waiting list isn't even a factor. I applied for TCC's RN program a bit prematurely because I am lacking Micro and Physiology, but my friend who lacked both had her PCT and got into the RN program the first time she applied there. At TTC, I applied in September and I am starting the program in January or March and I received an invitation to apply to the TTC-TCC RN Bridge Program. I applied and I am waiting to hear back from them. So, don't letting waiting lists scare you from applying. Try- you never know what will happen.
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    I am currently enrolled in the PCT program @ TCC and just about to finish. I was accepted into the Nursing program starting January, 2010. I have been a Manufacturing Engineer for 33 years and lost my job January 2008. Manufacturing jobs went south, so I decided a career change would be good. I had AA degree and was accepted with no waiting, so register now while you still want to learn! What a difference and challenging change I made. You CAN do it.
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    If you aren't to far from Bartlesville, Tri County Technology Center has a great LPN program. I just graduated from their program. You can get info by going to tctc.org.

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