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LVN for 10 Years

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  1. daryl stephens

    Dialysis Travel Nursing

    Hello to all I am an LVN I live in California I want to relocate to Atlanta,Ga I would like to work as a Dialysis Nurse. I have work in the Home Health Field for 10 Years. Is there classes you take to be a certified Dialysis Tech? Is it wise to try and sign on with a company who are nation wide and then try to relocate? Your feedback would be very helpful.
  2. daryl stephens

    Tulsa Community vs. Tulsa Tech?

    Hello, I am an LVN/LPN have been for 10 years now. I am REALLY thinking of relocating to Tulsa from California. I would like to know some more information about the LVN/LPN to RN Bridge Program or if you could send me their web site. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!
  3. daryl stephens

    Who's Hiring? Name your State & Area... please!

    Do you know anyone who works for Amedisys Home Health? I see they have a few agencies in atlanta area I live in California and I have had just about enough of it!! I am REALLY THINKING of relocating. If you know could you give me some feed back. I am like ready to leave like yesterday:uhoh3: Thanks
  4. daryl stephens

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    I am an LVN and I am very good at what I do lab draws,injections and wound vac. I am IV cert. My thing is some LVN's are content being just that. I would love to enhance my career to RN. Only problem their are NO LVN/LPN to RN Programs really available in Southern California. All the city colleges have 2-3 year waiting list the online programs are Too $$$ I studied did my clinicals past my test and boards just like the RN's I just wasnt able to have that extra semester or semesters to reach that status. for the one who suggested to do away with LVN/LPN remember you were one before you became an RN.
  5. daryl stephens

    Taking NCLEX Jan 19th!

    NCLEX-RN Gold Q & A Review Software Patricia A. Hoefler
  6. daryl stephens

    Taking NCLEX Jan 19th!

    Check your local bookstore and check online. It really is a great program!
  7. daryl stephens

    Nursing crisis looms as baby boomers age

    I am reading a lot of threads about new grads not being able to get jobs UNBELIEVABLE! Their are also not a lot of LVN to RN Bridge programs. Many LVN/LPN are established with jobs who want to get their RN This is UNREAL! Maybe we should write our Senetors and Congressman/Woman
  8. daryl stephens

    Taking NCLEX Jan 19th!

    Just a suggestion. I used saunders and mosby's But , I found what helped me the most was a prep test called MEDS 2000 it has 1000 questions 10 test -100 questions. From Med-Surg to Pharmacology. In addition, a lot of the questions was on the NCLEX give it a try! Good Luck!!
  9. daryl stephens

    Has Anyone Obtained Their RN Through The College Network Online Course

    Thanks for your quick response. Your answer has helped me make up my mind! Happy Holidays!
  10. daryl stephens

    Nursing crisis looms as baby boomers age

    I am a 46 male LVN in California trying to upgrade my profession to RN knowing that RN's from the 60's are leaving the field. It is totally absurd that new grads are finding it almost impossible to find work due to not enough experience. How the HECK! can they obatain experience without a chance. The government should start a program A.S.A.P. for LVN/LPN to RN to try and fill the gap! Instead of hiring nurse from other countries and paying lower wages. In this great USA their are in my opinion 3 professions that should be compensated with out question #1 NURSES #2 LAW ENFORCEMENT # 3 SCHOOL TEACHERS these three are no-brainers!
  11. I am an LVN I want to pursue my RN. City Colleges have 2-3 year waiting list here in California. Have any of you GREAT! RN's heard of the College Network Online Course for RN? or Do you know of someone who has been through this course. I would like some feed back if possible. At this point in my career I really dont have too many options. Thanks for your feed back.:dance:
  12. daryl stephens

    Double Standard with Sexual Harassment

    I am an LVN I worked with a director of Home Health for several years. She would make comments to the male staff Like "Is their tallywacker the same as there shoe size these guy were between 6'0 and 6'4( I'm 6'0 235) shoe size 12-14 or she would ask them "How they like to get it" Mind you if she heard any other employee say anything about how sexy Denzel or Ricky Martin or Beounce or Fergi was she would call you in her office and say you were being inappropiate. So it can be a double standard in my view. People did not report her because they feared for their jobs.
  13. daryl stephens

    Any black male nurses out there?

    I am an LVN Black Male. I am looking into seeing how long it takes for your license to be transferred to another state. Thinking of Atlanta,Ga Thanks SharonH, P.S. Sharon if you know of a good RN program down there let me know. =D
  14. daryl stephens

    Career Change Into Nursing?

    You should go for it! Right now I dont see a problem with you getting employment when you finish school. If you are interested in working in the E.R. Department.During your clinicals go down to the E.R. Department and let them know your interested. Good Luck!
  15. daryl stephens

    Looking to relocate

    by daryl stephens registered user join date: sep 2009 posts: 0 hi i presently live in california, i want to relocate to tulsa, ok i just wanted to know how to post this and get some insight on job leads for lvn/lpn i worked for ucla home health for eight years until they closed in july 09 it would be nice to get some feedback. thanks