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Osu Okc Acceptance!!

  1. 0 Hello Everybody, I Just Wanted To See If Anyone Else Will Be Joining Me At Osu-okc For Spring Of 09'. I Received An Acceptance Letter The Day Before Thanksgiving So It Was A Wonderful Thanksgiving For Me. My Prayers Go Out To Everyone Who Is In The Nursing Program And Those Of You Who Are Trying To Get In I Hope That Everything Goes Well.
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    Congrats on your acceptance . I attend there also, and currently about to finish my first semester of the nursing program at OSU-OKC. I think it is great here and you will love the instructors. I really believe this is a awesome program and the curriculum is fantastic. Good Luck!
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    Congrats!!! I am working on my LPN and am applying to ADN programs in the next few months, so I may be joining you in Fall of '09. (I guess technically I'd be in the class with Ambitiouz), but it's not like it's a big school so I'm sure we'd cross paths! Congratulations!!!! What a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving! I'll be sure to check back here when I get my letters and decide where I'll be going.
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    I also got my letter the day before Thanksgiving. Right now, I am stressing about everything that has to be done before the 22nd. Congrats to you!!
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    Congrats to you. It was very exciting to get the info in the mail, now its more deadlines to meet.
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    Congrats to you and Mommy2and2!! I just finished my first semester over at Rose. Good luck to both of you, enjoy this time before school starts because you won't have much time for anything but studying once the semester starts!
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    So OSU-OKC starts new programs in Fall and Spring? When is the deadline for applying to the Spring semester? I'm just very curious as I was looking into the program and would really like to go to nursing school somewhere in Tulsa or OKC.
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    Thanks all for the congrats!! OSU-OKC has deadlines of October 1st for Spring semester and April something for Fall. I love going to school there. Like another post said, they have very solid NCLEX pass rates and a good reputation. Tuition just went up but it is still like $96/hr. Not too bad compared to some of the other schools around. Good luck with whatever you decide
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    Congrats indeed! I am very anxious for the day I get my acceptance. Warmspirit, can you tell me how you did it!? I know that sounds like a weird question but I'm afraid that I'll be put on a waiting list. I'm taking anatomy and chemistry next fall and am hoping that will gain my acceptance for spring 2010. What classes did you complete before getting accepted?
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    Hi there. I am at OSU-OKC too taking my pre-reqs. What are you taking now? How are your classes going?
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    How is your nursing program going? I am hoping to get in this fall. I'm also a mom. Is it hard to balance a family life with the nursing schedule?
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    Hi there! How is your nursing semester going? I am hoping to get in this year. Any feedback will be helpful. Are you able to balance a family/work life with classes? What is the schedule like? Is it very intense? How are clinicals?
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    Hello, OkMOM ! I am just waiting now on the letter too.. I don't know if I will get in or not .I didn't do to well on the hesi-a2 exam, but maybe there is hope. i do have all of my prerequisetes out of the way and science courses too. I am wondering what the cutoff points are at osu-okc's nursing program to get in?? Does anyone know? Thanks!