Oklahoma City University's Fall 2010 Acceptance?

  1. Hello all...I'm fairly new to this site and I finally figured out how to post messages..Yay!!......Anyway, I received a phone call today stating I've been accepted into Oklahoma City University's fall 2010 BSN program..How exciting!!!...I was wondering if anyone else has been accepted into OCU's fall 2010 Nursing program as well...If so, spread the word...I would love to know if anyone else will be joining me this fall...And if so Congrats...
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  3. by   amyleadon
    My girlfriend, Paulette, is starting there this Fall as well. She will be in the Accelerated track I believe. Congrats!! I'm just starting pre-reqs so I won't be starting until at least Fall 2011. Good Luck to you!!
  4. by   RonnieNichelle RN
    That's really good!!!...I'm sure she's excited as well...I hope to see her there and you too...I was also accepted into OSU-OKC's 1+1 Nursing program for the fall semester and I'm considering that as well...I just received the letter today right after I enrolled in my classes at OCU...God works in mysterious ways...lol...Good luck to the both of you with your future studies...We're on our way!!!...
  5. by   afineparadigm
    Good luck... I heard the program is a tough-y.
  6. by   RonnieNichelle RN
    Thank you afineparadigm...I can imagine the program being tough...When the fall semester begins, I'm going to put on my dancing shoes and not stop til it's over...
  7. by   Cherish
    I was accepted to start my Junior year there but declined because they wanted me to repeat Foundations of Nursing which I thought was crazy since I received an A and had a 4.0 in my last semester of my sophomore year at my other university which consisted of Micro, Pharm, Foundations and Chemistry. I am now going to a different BSN program which is University of Tulsa and I like how things are here.
  8. by   Sayra
    Quote from FutureNurse1982
    That's really good!!!...I'm sure she's excited as well...I hope to see her there and you too...I was also accepted into OSU-OKC's 1+1 Nursing program for the fall semester and I'm considering that as well...I just received the letter today right after I enrolled in my classes at OCU...God works in mysterious ways...lol...Good luck to the both of you with your future studies...We're on our way!!!...
    FutureNurse1982 - Congratulations on your acceptance or should I say acceptances?! Would you mind sharing the process of being accepted into the 1+1 program? From what I understand, you apply to OSU-OKC and then they choose whether to offer the 1+1 program to the nursing applicant. Is that correct? Also, do you happen to know the cutoff of points and/or GPA for students accepted into OSU-OKC's nursing program? I might apply for nursing schools for the Spring 2011 semester but may not because I'm lacking a few pre-reqs. I know the program is sooo competitive so I'm thinking maybe I'm better off waiting to apply for the fall of next year. Any information would be great - thanks!
  9. by   RonnieNichelle RN
    To Sayra...Thank you for the congrats..That was really sweet, I really appreciate that...As far as the 1+1 program at OSU-OKC goes, you pretty much have to apply for the regular program and if you don't get accepted you have to have enough points to be considered for the 1+1 program. Taking most of your basics at OSU-OKC will boost up your points as well... I took all of my basics at OSU-OKC, applied to the nursing program twice and didn't get in...I received a letter (after being rejected from the spring nursing program) stating I was a qualified candidate for the 1+1. I assumed I had enough points, but not enough to get in the actual program..I never called to see how many points I had because I didn't care, after awhile..lol...I applied before and after finishing my basics...I believe if you have all of your sciences done, you're more likely to get in...Not to discourage you or anything, but yes the program is extremely competitive..A friend of mine took most of her basics and sciences in Florida and some at OSU-OKC...Her GPA was higher than mine and she still didn't get into OSU-OKC's nursing school...She applied 5 or 6 times..No Lie!! She didn't even get an offer for the 1+1 program...That's one thing I didn't like about OSU...We still don't know why she didn't get in...But I'm assuming it's because she didn't take most of her classes there...And one thing I do know is the point system goes up every semester..When I applied the first time the lowest points were 85....I think I had 83 at that time..What basics do you have left??..If you don't mind me asking...
  10. by   jojo10
    OCCC has a 1 + 1 program with a vocational school. If you don't get into OCCC then you do a year for your LPN and transfer to OCCC to finish the RN. Is OSU's 1+1 similar? If you got accepted to OCU- go for it! congrats!
  11. by   Sayra
    to futurenurse1982: i have anatomy and physiology left...i know, the two biggest sciences (in my opinion anyway)! thank you for all of the information - it was very helpful. (i sent you a private message by the way) it does get discouraging sometimes but i know i'm not the only one who feels that way! it helps to hear people talk about their application experiences whether they were accepted or not.

    and thank you jojo10 for your information too
  12. by   RonnieNichelle RN
    Goodmorning Sayra...I can't send private messages yet because I have less than 15 post...I'm not going to mention any of the Professors names, but I will tell you that taking Anatomy and Physiology at OSU-OKC is not easy, but managable..As far as Anatomy goes, there's a lot of studying involved and I recommend you go to all of the open labs...Anatomy at OSU-OKC has a lecture and a lab portion...The crazy thing about that is the classes don't match...You'll be learning one thing in lecture and learning something totally different in lab, but when you think about it it all comes together some point in time...You get 2 different teachers for the lecture and lab...I'll just say this, study study study...For me, lab was a lot easier than the lecture...That depends totally on the person...I got a D the first time I took Anatomy...But took it again the following summer and got a B...It was a lot easier for me the second time because I learned a lot the first time...Some people have taken it 3+ times, I think that's due to not studying like they should...I believe you can pass the first time...I think I failed the first time because I took it with Physiology and other classes...(Trying to rush)

    As far as Physiology goes...The lab was easier than the lecture, as well...lol...I had the same Professor for the lab and lecture so that made it easier for me...The labs in Physiology were fun to me too...The lecture portion requires a lot of studying and critical thinking...We were given 2 take home test (in lecture) and the first one was so hard I didn't think I would pass it, but the 2nd test was a breath of fresh air...The tests in the lab were a piece of cake...seriously..We knew what to study and everything...I got a B the first time taking it...My Professor for Anatomy lecture and Physiology is the head of the entire science Dept at OSU-OKC...Hopefully that will give you a heads up of who I'm talking about...

    As for both classes, even if you make a low grade in one portion and a higher grade in the other, your grade should balance out giving you hope of passing...If you decide to take those classes at OSU don't be nervious or anything...It's not as bad as people may say..It can be done...I see you've already taken Mirco and Chem...If you did that and passed you can do this...And in my opinion, Anatomy and Physio is a lot easier than Micro and Chem......Sorry so long...lol...
  13. by   RonnieNichelle RN
    Thank you JoJo10 for the appreciation...Yes, I decided to attend OCU this fall...I start Aug 23rd...I thought the cost would give me a heart attack...lol...But they hooked me up with scholarships and work study options...I'm excited!!..
    Thank you again...
  14. by   Sayra
    Thanks you soooo much for that information. I forgot about the min. posts in order to PM...I really appreciate you taking the time to reply back with all of that wonderful information!! I would be so lost without this networking site. I can't wait to start nursing school and pass along my experiences with everyone here to "pay it forward" and hopefully help other pre-nursing students like myself.

    Thanks for the encouragement! Micro and Chem weren't fun but weren't terrible so that makes me feel better about A&P!