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  1. afineparadigm

    Langston University

    The website is horrible, yes, but overall, the school has improved tremendously since they have their new president, who is a woman. The nursing program has always been competative, but I do know a few people who have quit out of frustration from other kids cheating their way to success. Langston is an HBCU but there are several other etnicites of students that go there based on the fact that they qualify for minority scholarships. Everyone's academic experience is different, however, I'd use them as a last resort. This is coming from someone who went to Langston and hated it.
  2. afineparadigm

    Francis Tuttle Nursing Program

    Has anyone recently applied to, or graduated from the ISP LPN nursing program at Francis Tuttle? I'd like to get some real thoughts about the program, from those who it best. Thanks in advance!
  3. afineparadigm

    I'm afraid to go to school with child

    MY suggestion is if you're scared to do your job, tell the family so they can hire someone else who's up to it :)
  4. afineparadigm

    LPN to RN OCCC Fall 2010

    Sounds like you should start preparing yourself for nursing school...
  5. SO that exlpains why some nurses are such meanies...
  6. afineparadigm

    What you wished you had known before you started your first job?

    omg - your post was informative and frightening! Thanks, I think :-)
  7. afineparadigm

    osu/okc free CNA program- what is your commitment?

    http://okhca.org/providers.aspx?id=3209 infor on Oklahoma Free CNA Training
  8. afineparadigm

    Rose State Nursing Program

    Wondering if anyone is starting in the fall? What was your GPA and Preference Points? Is there an alternate/wait list and how fast is it run through? I have one class - Micro, and I can apply. I'm cutting things really close, particularly with GPA vs. preference points. But I'm hopeful, and walking by faith. Thanks for sharing!
  9. afineparadigm

    What's so bad about Midwest City Regional Hospital?

    I thinkit's idiotic to say things like "Stay away, but I can't tell you why"...it's equivalent to saying "I have a secret, but I can't tell you" SO CHILDISH! How about say nothing at all!?!?
  10. afineparadigm

    Scrub Colors at Oklahoma City University Medical Center

    They should be, the nurses look nasty all the time
  11. afineparadigm

    Oklahoma City University's Fall 2010 Acceptance?

    Good luck... I heard the program is a tough-y.
  12. afineparadigm

    On Line Chemistry

    Has anyone taken an online chemistry course with a lab component at any of the Oklahoma colleges or community colleges? I'm pressed for time in applying to a nursing program. Any suggestions otherwise would be nice, too. Thanks in advance!
  13. afineparadigm

    Looking for OCCC study buddies!

    Hello, I live in NE OKC and I go to OCCC. I'm looking to apply to the nursing program and be accepted within the next year. I'm looking for a permanent study buddy, or buddies. It is my intention to go to school 2-3 nights a week, with off nights and weekends reserved for studying, until I'm accepted. I am a full time empoyed wife and mom of 2, so I'd like to find someone, or a couple of people with similar 'issues' so that we can lean on one another through the duration of school. Right now, I am taking A&P I - I have II, Chemistry and Micro to take, with Micro being my last class as I apply for the program. Ladies and Gents, if this is you, please PM or e-mail me so we can get together and work out some details.
  14. afineparadigm

    Job market for Okla RNs

    There's alwasy the government. They prioritize and shift hospital funds for their nurse hires. The only thing - they take forever to get back to you. Good Luck!
  15. afineparadigm

    UCO microbiology help

    I have a friend who is taking it in the morning. She said it's long and boring but passable. I commed you if you are taking it. It means you have passed Chemistry - and that is what I struggle with.
  16. My heart goes out to you. I have 2 kids and a husband, and mom who are not very supportive when it comes down to it. Nothing beats a failure but to try There seems to be plenty of programs that have night/weekend and on-line options, with clinicals being the only time you attend classes. I think you could do it, but uit wouldn't be easy. You've got to have faith in yourself, first. Pray hard about it and if it is for you, it will happen when it is time. Good luck to you