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  1. Sayra

    Oklahoma City University's Fall 2010 Acceptance?

    Thanks you soooo much for that information. I forgot about the min. posts in order to PM...I really appreciate you taking the time to reply back with all of that wonderful information!! I would be so lost without this networking site. I can't wait to start nursing school and pass along my experiences with everyone here to "pay it forward" and hopefully help other pre-nursing students like myself. :) Thanks for the encouragement! Micro and Chem weren't fun but weren't terrible so that makes me feel better about A&P!
  2. Sayra

    Oklahoma City University's Fall 2010 Acceptance?

    to futurenurse1982: i have anatomy and physiology left...i know, the two biggest sciences (in my opinion anyway)! thank you for all of the information - it was very helpful. (i sent you a private message by the way) it does get discouraging sometimes but i know i'm not the only one who feels that way! it helps to hear people talk about their application experiences whether they were accepted or not. and thank you jojo10 for your information too :)
  3. juliaann: if/when i apply, it will be to the oklahoma city campus but it's still good to hear the comments about the tulsa campus. your gpa is awesome!! i would be shocked if you weren't accepeted. :) thanks so much for the information. i really appreciate it and i'm sure everyone else does as well! best of luck!
  4. Sayra

    Oklahoma City University's Fall 2010 Acceptance?

    FutureNurse1982 - Congratulations on your acceptance or should I say acceptances?! Would you mind sharing the process of being accepted into the 1+1 program? From what I understand, you apply to OSU-OKC and then they choose whether to offer the 1+1 program to the nursing applicant. Is that correct? Also, do you happen to know the cutoff of points and/or GPA for students accepted into OSU-OKC's nursing program? I might apply for nursing schools for the Spring 2011 semester but may not because I'm lacking a few pre-reqs. I know the program is sooo competitive so I'm thinking maybe I'm better off waiting to apply for the fall of next year. Any information would be great - thanks!
  5. Sayra

    What is the maximum number of patients per nurse?

    I didn't realize how completely different it is from one hospital to the next. It's good to hear all of this to know what to compare your job to.
  6. Sayra

    Hello Forensic Nursing World

    I just registered with this site yesterday and can't seem to keep off of it! There is SO much useful and interesting nformation. I feel so fortunate to have found this site to use as a guide and resource while choosing my niche in nursing. You gals and guys are awesome!
  7. Sayra

    Soon-to-be LPN interested in Forensics

    Great advice and information from both sides. I've always been interested in forensic science so this was helpful. Thanks!
  8. Sayra

    Utmost respect for Burn Unit Nurses.

    Wow. I have to second and third everything everyone has said. It truly does take a special person to do what you all do and thank goodness for you. Any of us could be on the receiving end of care in a burn unit so I'm so thankful that there are such caring people out there. Thank you.
  9. Sayra


    Yes, congratulations! I'm applying for nursing school and can't imagine the feeling of getting the acceptance letter. Best of luck!
  10. Sayra

    Got the letter in the mail...

    Congratulations to all of you!! I'm applying for nursing school and can't wait to get started. Have fun and best of luck!
  11. Sayra

    Hypothetical, yet sticky situation for a new grad

    So sorry for your loss. That would have been a sticky situation and, I'm glad the issue was brought up because you never know when you may find yourself in something like that. Thoughts and prayers sent your way.
  12. Sayra

    A patient flat out lied about me

    You guys are awesome. I'm applying for nursing school and it's great to read things like this to know what I'm really in for. It's great though that you all still have a sense of humor and can give advice on how to handle situations like this. Thank you!!
  13. Yes, I second that! I'm working right now and paying for school and am nervous about adding nursing school on top of it. I'm hearing that it's definitely possible to hold a job and attend nursing school. I'm just going to prioritize and work hard. Good luck with your courses, I'm sure you'll do great and it'll probably be easier for you since you've already taken them!
  14. Sayra

    Rose State Nursing Program

    Wow strictly preference points? That makes me nervous. I saw on their site that you get points for classes taken there and living in the district (which I have done neither) so I was hoping that a strong GPA would help. Oh well though, you've got to just do what you can and stay positive. Good luck to those who are applying to start in Spring!
  15. Hi, I was wondering if you had any idea on what would be a competitive GPA to get into OU's nursing program. Anything else people could do to increase their chances of admittance other than raise GPA and take all the pre-reqs?
  16. Sayra

    teas test at UCO

    Do schools take the most recent test score or do they take the highest score? I'm just wondering if for some reason I score lower the second time, will they take my first and higher score or the most recent test score...