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I just turned in my 2010 application to OCCC's nursing program and wanted to see who all out there are going to be playing the waiting game with me for the next 2ish months!... Read More

  1. by   eab12191
    Quote from it*will*happen

    Look at you! You are more mature now and you understand what it takes for you (personally) to be a great student. From my experience, you're the only one that can hold you back. Hmm... you say. If you want something then you start knocking on doors and not taking no for an answer. With a competitive program, you figure out how to get a couple of extra pref. points.

    Don't just look at OCCC either.

    You can do it. You may have to do it the long way but that's ok. Keep us posted!
    Thanks for the words of encouragement! I will for sure make sure the preference points go up. I never even took the ACT since it was not a requirement in the northeastern U.S. Again, thank you!
  2. by   it*will*happen
    You can get those same points from taking the Compass test in the testing center. (I think it's still Compass).

    Did you ever get one of those printed papers from the advisor (nursing) that specifcally spells out what you need to do and when? I followed that but .. not the "when" part. I did things my own way and it worked for me. That might be worth your time.

    What's going to make them give you another chance is your passion and determination. Make sure they understand how important this is to you. You've already done some of that on paper via your transcript. Take that with you if you go talk to her.

    When someone tries to shut a door, find another way in. Be creative.
  3. by   babymademeeatit
    Are you guys getting excited or what?? I AM
  4. by   Studentgirl
    Did you do the BADNAP or the traditional track? I'm applying for the BADNAP and wondering how it will be?
  5. by   OliveMay
    Hey Tiger,
    I applied to the BADNAP too. Do you know when we will know about acceptance?