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Did anyone else apply for the BADNAP program starting in June 2013? The requirements were loosened up a couple of weeks before the deadline, so I'm wondering how much interest there was?... Read More

  1. by   lordizzy626
    I am pretty sure it doesn't... But yeah, who is to say what is going on in that department. lol
  2. by   ADB567
    I hate to bother the admissions advisor about the number of applications he received, but if I see him around (which I do quite a bit) I will ask him. I turned in my application 2 days before the deadline. I'm still working prereqs, and he told me that based on what he had seen up until that point, he felt my chances were good. If 91 is correct, I am guessing the higher number is due to a lot of people (like me) with bachelor's degrees that heard about the possible openings, and went ahead and applied while they are finishing prereqs. I think that all of you who are done with prereqs should be safe. If I don't get in I won't be too sad, because my original plan was to enter the traditional fall program. I know several people who should be accepted, and I'd love to enter the nursing program with my study group already established. I just couldn't pass up this opportunity to start and finish a lot earlier. Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   ADB567
    I just ran into the admissions advisor. He told me 90 people applied.
  4. by   Jsamps
    I think the bigger question is how many applications were complete: passing teas, all prereqs, etc
  5. by   Sadie23
    Hey everyone! I just spoke to (you all know who) in admissions and he said we will most likely get emails before the 1st. He said the nursing director will be out of the office all next week and will return on Mon 2-25. He has to wait for her to return so that he can submit everything to her and we will most likely receive our emails that day or the next. Good luck everyone!
  6. by   lordizzy626
    Well I hope to find out soon. Lol. I am still in the middle of debating on going to take graduate level courses, or finish this first and then go back.. I mean, if and when I get that email, I will print it out, put it on the wall, and throw darts at it until I can figure out what to do. I talked to the admissions guy today and he confirmed 90 applications as well. So that is the number. Cross your fingers everyone! I hope everyone that REALLY wants it, geta their chance.
  7. by   okstategirl
    Wow, the 25th is soon. I can't believe how fast this month has gone by. The waiting hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be!
  8. by   lordizzy626
    Yeah I know! I am excited to know if I will have this program as an option... So they are sending emails and official letters?
  9. by   okstategirl
    They only do emails now, no letters!
  10. by   lordizzy626
    Ah I see. lol. Well that is a little more efficient I guess. Plus, there is relatively no delivery time in comparison to standard physical mail. lol. I guess I'll be checking my inbox instead of my mailbox.. Hopefully we don't have that long to go....
  11. by   okstategirl
    Im sure it helps with having returned mail and all that too! Im banking on the 25th but certainly am not going to hold me breath hahaha!
  12. by   lordizzy626
    Yeah, hopefully we do hear something soon so I can start looking towards getting all my ducks in a row. The same probably goes for everyone else. lol.. The more I think about getting into this program, the more it becomes appealing.. Ten months will fly by.. especially when we are that busy.. lol. The good news is that this program is A LOT of material, but I almost guarantee it is not highly complex material like the material presented in Neurobiology of Disease or Immunology. So it will digest nicely. IMO
  13. by   ADB567
    This time next week we will hopefully all be telling each other that we got our acceptance email. If I don't get in, I will just go with my plan A (traditional fall program), but I sure hope this works out for me! I'm so ready to start nursing school and get back into the work force, this time doing something I enjoy! I just took a CNA course, so I'm already current on vaccines and CPR. I hope I don't have too many hoops to go thru before the program starts, because I'm busy finishing my prereqs. I ran into a nursing professor (I had her for pharmacology) and she told me how much better the BADNAP program is. Besides finishing earlier and being accelerated, she said she feels it is just a better program.

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