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    Hello all! Just wanted to post and say hello. I'm a new pre-nursing student (started this spring). Here's a little about myself...

    I'm a 38yr old married father of 3 boys (OMG....shhhhhh, don't tell anyone a man is here!! LOL). I've got a bachelors degree in Information Systems. I've been in the IT field for about 12 years now and it hasn't been very rewarding. Medical has always been a secret love of mine. I am.

    Needless to say, I've got all my pre-reqs with exception to my that's where I am. Now I'm trying to figure out if I want to go for an LPN and get to work as I bridge to an RN, or just go for the BSN right off the bat. I have all the typical issues it much will it cost, what to do with the kids, how much time will it require, what will I make, how can I survive this madness???????????

    Anyway....I'm in my first Biology class along with an online Psych class. I'm already feeling stressed with the amount of info you have to absorb. I haven't been in a classroom in 10 years!!

    Helpful, encouraging words are definitely needed...along with a dose of reality.

    Happy to be here and looking foreward to the future.

    Oh...after eating chinese today, I got a fortune that I thought was fitting....."Use your abilities at this time to stay focused on your goal. You will succeed!"


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    I'm a 35 year old mother of 2 young children and I went for my BSN and am glad I did that. I went to UCO which is a great school and also affordable. The instructors also understand and will work with you about childcare needs, etc. We could miss 1 day of clinicals per clinical term and I always had help from them around clinical times and childcare. It was really great. I felt prepared (as a new nurse can be) when I graduated!

    I didn't think nursing school was that hard, just takes a lot of your time. I was really busy, but it was a lot of fun!!
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    Hello Buster. You and I are in similar situations. Good luck to you.
    (ps-I also have a fortune cookie slip that I stuck on my fridge. It Claims - "You will win success in whatever you attempt." Haha!)
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    Glad to see another guy on here. I am also going back to nursing school after being in the work force for many years. I have been in healthcare administration and have my MBA. I want to do something different and more rewarding for next 20 years of my life. I'm 44.

    I am completing my sciences and just complete Biology and Psych last semester. It was very time consuming with work and all but doable. I'm in A&PI this semester. I'm going for my ADN and then my Masters in Nursing as I want to teach on day.

    Best of luck to you!

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    The news, paper and tv, keep running stories about the male population, in nursing, increasing. But I've also heard stories of people finishing school, getting the degree, getting a job, and then moving on to something else because the job wasn't what they expected. Seems like a huge waste of everyone's time to me.
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    My husband is in the IT field and is a manager of development.... He is basically the guy that gets all the demos dropped on him with less than a day to make them happen!!LOL He is in the same boat thinking that something else might be better for the family. That is so wonderful that you broke out and decided to do what you really want to do.

    There are alot of options on childcare and finances. Good luck to you and don't think your alone being a man in the nursing field... there arent as many but I have 4 in my class alone
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    Quote from travis73
    Hello Buster. You and I are in similar situations. Good luck to you.
    (ps-I also have a fortune cookie slip that I stuck on my fridge. It Claims - "You will win success in whatever you attempt." Haha!)
    Haha. You guys are funny. The one on my fridge says: "your investments of time now will lead to success in the future"

    Buster, good luck to you. Go for your RN now!
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    Its good to hear from all of you....thanks for the encouraging words. As I'm preparing for my first Biology exam, I'm starting to get nervous....there's so much to absorb and understand. I think if I can get through this first exam with a decent grade, I'll be a lot more comfortable with my abilities....
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    I don't know what part of the start you are in, but there are a few community colleges the offer the bridge program from a bachelors(in another field besides nursing) into RN and its about the same about of time as LPN-RN so if you dont have to, don't take that route!
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    Yeah, I've looked at the bridge programs....and, being a business major, I have to take all the science pre-reqs to be eligible for the bridge programs or conventional, either way....I have to bite the bullet and go for it.

    BTW....I'm in Tulsa. Enrolled at Tulsa Community College.

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