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Networking in a new city

  1. 0 I graduate in May and will be moving to Tulsa OK. What would be the best way to start networking and meeting people to get my foot in the door since I have no contacts in Tulsa.
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    Here would be a great place! I graduate in May, as well. Just this past week, I have been calling potential employers (just about anywhere) to see if they hire new grads. I've had a bit of good luck with that, so far. Not much, but I have a few names and I've spoken with a few "higher-ups". Some of them told me I could apply now...some of them said I could send them my resume. Good luck to you!
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    Take a job. Any job where you can get your name out there. My GF did this after moving to be with me. 3 months after being here she was approached for a VA job, very hard to get especially for a civiliain. It really is about who you know. So get out there and start making friends.
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    Moving to the Oklahoma Nursing Forum where you're more likely to encounter people working in that state

    Best of luck on the move and the job hunt!
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    I agree that posting here is a great way to meet people and taking a job helps tremendously. I have found it easy to make fast friends in nursing because you have to rely on each other... Good luck and keep us posted.
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    St. Francis has a new grad get together (party) usually around March. That would be a good thing to attend for networking. Just starting calling the nurse recruiters at the hospitals. They will give you dates and info of job fairs and such. Good luck.