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    Hi all ,
    I am considering a move to Tulsa this summer for school. I am wondering what lpn salaries are like out there. I am hoping to work weekend doubles at ltc or do crisis care for hospice . Do hospitals in Oklahoma hire lvns ?
    I am also wondering about reasonably priced and safe apts .
    I lived in Tulsa about 22 years ago right across from Oral Roberts University.
    I am sure things have changed since then. I have been looking at apts on line but figure locals could give me a heads up on safe vs unsafe areas.
    Any answers would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Calliesue:typing:typing

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    I'll try to answer some of your questions. First, you'll need to get endorsement of your LVN license by the OBN to get an Oklahoma LPN license. I believe they require proof of hours worked (500 or so). The website is, go to Forms/Application and then Endorsement. Not all but some hospitals hire LPNs (St. Francis does).
    Wage (with your experience) should be between $17 and $20.
    I don't live in Tulsa, but I hear North and West Tulsa are not so good.
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    I lived in Tulsa back in 200-02 and lived about a mile or so from ORU. So when I was accepted to nursing school and moved back to Tulsa, I moved back to the same area, considered "South Tulsa". (91st and Lewis) And it has changed...a lot. It is not safe and some what scary at times. I don't even take my dog outside at night by myself.
    The apts. I live in had a shooting a few weeks ago, my license plate has been stolen off my car (while parked next to a Sheriff car in my apt parking lot), and my apt. is a roach haven. I clean obsessively but can't get rid of them since my neighbors seem to be okay with sharing their apt. with the roaches.
    I reported my license plate and the officer told us to move out as soon as possible. He said the area from 71st on up is not safe anymore.He also told us not to shop at the walmart at 81st and Lewis because it is so unsafe. He recommended moving further south or getting a house further south. Or moving into an apt. that is a gated community or more expensive. Unfortunately with us being in school we are unable to do so. Instead as soon as our lease is up (43 days and counting) we are moving to sapulpa about 20 minutes away. The rent is more reasonable, what we pay for an apt. we are renting a nice home for. The crime rate is lower and it just "feels" safer.
    Not trying to be the barrier of bad news I just wish I had someone let me know what I was moving into. The officer did give us a few recommendations if you like let me know.
    I was told by one LTC that they start their LPN out at $18 or so.
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    I had no idea Tulsa is this bad. I did some research on
    and and sure enough the surrounding communities have much lower crime rates per capita.
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    I know it heartbreaking about Tulsa. It use to be a wonderful city.
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    I would also like to add that I lived in Glenpool and it was wonderful. I even lived in the Glenshire court apartments there and had no problems with crime. Bixby is also nice too. Technically the apts I lived at were considered in bixby, but it was really in glenpool. You can take Peoria Ave. up to the turnpike and its not but a 5 min drive into Tulsa, so if you are seriously considering moving to Tulsa, you need to check out Glenpool or Bixby. Oh yeah, Jenks is really nice too, and EXCELLENT schools if you have kids.
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    We live in Jenks School district and my daughter has learned more bad habits there than any other school system we have been in. I wanted me daughter to go to Jenks because I had heard how good their school system was. She is only in the 7th grade and comes home telling me everyone she talks to says they are in gangs. I also have emailed her teachers several times with no response. She was flunking her classes and never posted to their website so I had no idea until four days before the end of the 9 weeks. Very disappointing.
    I have heard wonderful things about Bixby tho. And it seems to have anything you need, shopping stores and close to Tulsa. Also have heard good about Glenpool and Sapulpa.
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    I live north of Tulsa and work in Owasso where many of Tulsa's folks have moved to. You might investigate since there are 2 hospitals here.
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    I got accepted at ORU and planning to move to Tulsa by July. Any recommendation on apartments close to ORU? I have no idea about this city. Thanks in advance
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    I just got accepted into ORU too! I will be transfering in as a sophomore. I live in Broken Arrow about 20 mins away from ORU. I have never had any crime problems and my apartments are really nice and a reasonable cost. I am suprised to hear about the crime rate in south Tulsa. I knew the north was bad, but didn't consider south Tulsa in such a negative light. Then again I only go down that way for ORU . Bixby is also nice, lots of new areas. Let me know if you need any help! I will be glad to help in any way!

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