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  1. toadfrog

    Sarasota area

    Moving to Sarasota area at end of month. I was LPN for 5 years and graduated BSN school in Jan this year. Most of experience is in LTC and skilled nursing. Would love to make the transition to acute care possibly ICU or med surg. Any advice regarding best hospitals to apply? Also what pay range to expect? and..is north port a good safe city. Checked out Sarasota but not North Port. Thanks for any info! Excited about the move and beautiful area!
  2. toadfrog

    New LPN LTC nights how much do I ask for?

    When I first graduated I worked nights in LTC/skilled nursing and started out at $18/hr plus .75 cents differential and $1.00 weekend dif. The home I currently work at pays .50 dif for noc shift but nothing extra for weekends.
  3. toadfrog


    Thanks everyone for all your info., really appreciate it.
  4. toadfrog

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I got the pop up as well than found out today I passed. Praise the Lord!! I think waiting for the results is more stressful than the test. Good luck everyone! Will be praying everyone passes:)
  5. toadfrog

    Central Tech/CNA Training

    Thanks lovemybaby. You already argued all my arguments for me. Apparently I stepped on someones toes..ha! Went out for a little celebration and come home to am email where I'm called a whiner...lol! But I stand corrected "anon student" we did need an LPN program/instructors to give us the basics and I did learn the basics at central tech...for that I am grateful. But I think my hours of studying and memorizing helped me most on the NCLEX. And lovemybaby I agree that this was written from one of the "in the office" students or maybe "ANON STUDENT" is even an employee perhaps?? LOL (Wow! Is it okay to go on and pretend you were a student when you really aren't.) I am perhaps a little bitter after finding out I can't apply to the school that I was most interested in till I'm employed for at least a year, so that sets me back to Spring '11. But I do think that the school has potential and that the instructors were more prepared for teaching it may possibly turn out to be a great program...but only time will tell. I believe the new director will make a great addition and things hopefully can change. But "anon student" I obviously am not the only one who feels disappointed in the program. And I am happy for you that you thought it to be such a great program...hmm did you have anything to compare it to??? And lovemybaby is correct I, as are you, entitled to our own opinion and that is what I gave. I am thankful it all over and that I passed both nursing school and the NCLEX. And I am not going to resort to petty name calling and continuing to defend my opinon! Best of Luck to everyone!
  6. toadfrog

    Central Tech/CNA Training

    Just graduated from Central Tech program in Sapulpa and I along with most of my classmates would NOT recommend that program. It is a complete unorganized disaster. The teachers lack ability to teach, mostly just read word for word out of a text book to us. They have very little experience themselves, not to mention are very rude and condescending. It has taken 6 weeks to get our NCLEX test dates, because of the inefficiency on the schools part. The biggest issue is that they have lost their NLNAC accreditation during our school year. They will tell you its not a big deal or its not important but it is. All of the RN schools in OK look at if you have graduated from an NLNAC accredited school, and since it wasn't, couple schools won't even take my application till I've been employed as an LPN for a year, and most of the others are requiring extra test to be taken (which I would not have to take if they were accredited). They didn't even tell us they lost the accreditation, I found out when I called a respective RN school and they looked it up and told me. I could go on and on about how I regret going to that school but I'm just thankful its over. Try your best to go to LPN school somewhere else, or do more research and make sure that they have changed the program Most of my classmates will pass the NCLEX but its not b/c of the school. We all paid an extra $150 to take a NCLEX prep class and have all been studying are butts off. Good luck!
  7. toadfrog

    Central Tech/CNA Training

    Please read next post but here is a website to check and see if your potential school is accredited http://www.nlnac.org/Forms/directory_search.htm
  8. toadfrog

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Took my NCLEX-PN around 1 today, stopped at 85 questions. Tried the personvue trick and a pop-up came up!! Does that mean I passed!! Or is it to early to check?? Thank you!!!
  9. toadfrog

    Nurse Registry

    Does anyone know how long it takes after taking NCLEX you are on the nurse registry? Thank you
  10. toadfrog

    Welcome nclex november 2009 support group

    NCLEX-PN this month!! Excited and nervous! But we can do it
  11. toadfrog


    Hi. Making a move to OKC area....and trying to figure out which area we should move to. Have it narrowed down to Yukon, Bethany, or Mustang. Looking for a smaller school system. Daughter will be in 9th grade next year and would like to be in school system that is not overwhelmingly big... (currently attends Jenks School by tulsa). Also need good job market w/ LPN positions near by, cheaper housing, and safe! Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
  12. toadfrog

    October NCLEX takers: MOTIVATE

    Hi Brandi! I am doing the Kaplan Q-Bank but only 50 ?'s a day right now. I need to step it up a bit...its so hard to stay motivated. I am with you about feeling like I am going to pass than I get discouraged when I read on her that many have not and some taking for the 3rd time. Unfortuantly I really stuggle w/ the infection control part. I've heard that every so often they change what the NCLEX focuses on so hopefully in Oct. it will still be what we are studying. How are you doing on the Q-Bank? I only seem to get 50-60's? Are you taking the PN or RN NCLEX? Maybe we could be help encourage each other and throw around ideas if you would like. Seems most my school mates are not to worried about the test as I am.
  13. toadfrog

    October NCLEX takers: MOTIVATE

    I am taking NCLEX-PN in October. Very nervous. Been studying Kaplan, and Saunders. Does anyone know if the questions still seem to be focusing on prioritization, delegating and immunizations? Good luck to everyone!!!
  14. toadfrog

    Kaplan Nclex PN

    Anyone taken Qbank PN? Finishing up program should be taking test in Oct. really nervous any input is appreciated.
  15. toadfrog

    Kaplan Nclex PN

    Hi! Seen alot of thread about Kaplan Nclex RN program but wanted input on the PN program. I can not find a Kaplan Nclex PN class around my area, so was considering purchasing the Kaplan Qbank online. Has anyone used this and passed the NCLEX-PN? Is it worth the $$ to purchase? Thanks for any replies!!!
  16. toadfrog

    Steps to pass NCLEX PN

    Thank prado!! Do I need to get Saunders edition 4 or do u think 3 while suffice?

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