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    Hi all, I am currently looking for a good CNA program in the Tulsa/Owasso area and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I am looking into taking either evening or weekend classes for my CNA. Right now it looks as if I will be attending Interim health care's december CNA program, has anyone heard anything good/bad about Interim? Anything would be helpful about now as I am rather clueless about all of this lol.

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    I live in the Owasso area and I went for 16 Saturdays to Tulsa Tech on North Peoria from 8-5 and the program was excellent. I had great teachers. Go to and on page 39 it shows my teacher (Livingood) teaching Saturdays from 5/5 to 9/8 on Saturdays. The class will fill up. Call 828-2000.

    I have known about 4 people who went to Wings but they did not have favorable comments.

    Another option is the PCT program at TCC but I don't know if that is hard to get into.
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    THere is a place called wings there is an office in Broken Arrow, and another that I think is somewhere on west 11th street, like past yale maybe.
    I have no personal exp with wither , but it seems someone else on here mentioned them before and they did not have anything negative to say about them.
    Most of the hospitals will train also.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the replies! Just curious, babynursela, do you know what hospitals in the area do the trainig like you mentioned?
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    Here is the Link to apply for Nurse Tech training to work at Saint Francis.
    SaintFrancis.Com - Career Center

    At Southcrest it says CNA preferred, it doesn't say required. This sounds like they would train.
    SouthCrest Hospital - Med-Surg CNA
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    There's also a place called DreamMakers. I have a friend who did their program and I think it was only maybe 1-2 weeks fulltime. I did mine at Tulsa Tech.
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    I went to DreamMakers School for Health Care Aids. I really enjoyed it and they really knew what they were doing. It was a full day two week course. One week in the classroom/laboratory and one week working supervised at one of 3 hospital sites.

    Betty is the owner, she's an RN who's worked in ortho (with my mom actually ) for many years and she LOVES to teach. They have an LPN in with them who does the practical side of things, and I learned soooo much from her. In fact, I'd LOVE to shadow her around just for the things I had learned. Hillcrest will definitely hire those from DreamMakers, and sometimes will actually pay for the training. I highly recommend DreamMakers. Everyone is awesome there.
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    Thank you all for your help! i actually enrolled friday for Interim Healthcare's december cna class. I hope it all goes well! Anyone have experience with Interim by chance? A friend of mine went there and she seemed to like it so hopefully I will too. I'm kinda nervous about it though, this is really my first time in any type of "nursing" class!
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    My experience with Interim here in Tulsa, was a good one. They have day 9a to 1p and evening 6p to 10p. There are also certain facilities that hire, Interim CNA grads right away, I've been informed.

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