Winter 2 Registration

  1. While I was aware of the Monday deadline for registration for the second winter session, since I've never really had an issue in enrolling, I simply pushed it back to the "to do" list for this weekend. Unfortunately, that delay may come back to haunt me and I may not be able to register for the upcoming session.

    Here's the story: When I finally checked out the classes available, I found that all the sections of Gerontology are full. No problem - or so I thought - since I can take either Gerontology or Research. When I went to enroll in Research however, I was blocked, with the error message saying that I had not met the prerequisites.

    I'm pretty sure that the problem is that the way OU handled the statistics requirement in my case. I've taken three stats classes but all were graduate courses as part of my MBA program. The OU advisor said that she could not give me transfer credit these because there are no undergrad equivalents but they could instead waive the requirement. My DARS seems to actually this but it looks like there a problem somewhere. I'm sure a phone call will solve things but that will have to wait until Mon morning and unfortunately registration closes early - 09:00 I think.

    Just have to wait and see, but this could be a significant speedbump on my RN-BSN trip.
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  3. by   SuperStarRN
    I may procrastinate with a lot of things in my life but never with registration! Good luck!
  4. by   EmJeanRN
    Hope it works out for you Chuckster...keep us posted!
  5. by   rocket2010
    Call the school they can possibly add you to a Gero class or lift the permission thing. Same thing happened with my research even though my stars transferred they have to manually remove it unless you took stars at OU
  6. by   stephparm
    I don't think it will be a problem - I had the same issue with a pre-req not showing and it was taken care of - do you know your actual advisors email? Because they check mail over the weekend and mine put me in class on Sunday... I would not wait until Monday - I would email advisor now!
  7. by   chuckster
    I went on-line this morning to get my advisor's e-mail address but first checked to see if Gerontology may have opened up. There actually was one open seat for Gerontology this AM, where yesterday all sections were filled (An aside: Can it be that there are 1,530 students in the OU program? - there are 3 sections, each with 510 students for Gerontology). When I went to My Ohio to register, I found that the Research class that I attempted to register for yesterday, was somehow in my Cart and it looked clear for me sign up for the course.

    Just to be on the safe side, I registered for Gerontology instead, figuring that I'd follow up with an e-mail or phone call to OU on Mon to see what the problem registering with Research was. Good to here that a similar thing has cropped up for others.
  8. by   mtsteelhorse
    So glad you're in 410! :bowingpur
  9. by   rninme
    Yeah chuckster!! You will be suffering along with the rest of us! Gerontology is up on EPIC - start reading now!