PSY 1110 Feb 2013

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    Anyone else in this with me? It's up on blackboard!

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    I'm with you! I'm done with Module 1 already, but I'm not sure if I should do the assessment yet. This is my first OU class...
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    Okay, so I read back through the other statistics threads on this message board and got over my fear of submitting assignments. I'm done with modules 1 and 2. I wonder when she'll post more modules... I think I'll get started anyway since it sounds like the math begins in module 3. I'm only slightly afraid of getting too far ahead and then forgetting this stuff for the midterm.
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    I'm in this class also and very nervous.
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    Quote from RachelR81
    I'm in this class also and very nervous.
    Hang in there, you will be fine! I got an A and I hadn't had a math class in 40 years! But you do have to put the time in. I re did the problems a couple of times to be sure I got the same answer. If not I re did it until I was sure I got it right.
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    Quote from evieinco
    Anyone else in this with me? It's up on blackboard!
    I am in and very nervous about this class
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    I just signed into blackboard and the course was showing. I clicked on module to look at the first module and it said access denied. The course then disappeared from blackboard. Has this happened to anyone else?
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    Mine has disappeared, too. I was on this morning and printed the modules and now it is gone! Went to MYOhio and it is not on my schedule, I am very worried....
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    ok, this error message is now posted
    Data Load Issue

    Posted on: Saturday, February 16, 2013
    [COLOR=#CC0000]An issue occurred with the 2pm data load on Saturday February 16. As a result you may not be able to see your courses within Blackboard. We are working to correct this issue as quickly as possible.[/COLOR]

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    Thank you so much for this message. I could have panicked I am so nervous about this class anyway.

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