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Since it seems that there's quite a bit of interest, I'm attempting to start a new thread devoted exclusively to the OU on-line RN-BSN program that will hopefully build on the comments on assorted previous threads. I'd like... Read More

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    looking over Aspen Univ site it still looks like you will end up taking the same courses as with a BSN for OU ( regarding your liberal arts courses) and it looks like you have clinicals hours for them as well.The MSN specialty are not any that I am interested in( am looking into a NP or CRNA program. So I will stick with OU. I think the communication problem are their biggest issue but the rest I find normal. So I will keep going. Im still doing the math on how long it will actually take for me to finish but I dont think it will be much over 1 year

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    Tiffany: You will need to take Math regardless of what level you tested to at another school. The 109 or above courses are their classes.Not courses from another school. You will need algebra prior to taking Statistics. I would say your best bet would be to take what ever general education courses you need prior to admission.

    Anat 1 and 2 (A for both) THIS WILL ACCEPTED
    Microbiology with lab (A in lab, B in lecture) ACCEPTED
    Sociology (A)ACCEPTED
    General Psychology (A)ACCEPTED
    Developmental Psychology (A, And someone said they may accept this for the Child development)ACCEPTED
    English comp 1 (A) (havent taken two, do I need to?, or is english comp 1 sufficient to satisfy the junior english?)YOU NEED ENG1 AND 2 TO GET YOUR FRESHMAN ENG REQUIRMENT.
    Understanding theater (A) (Hoping this will satisy the fine arts.....but it wont satisfy both humanity and fine arts will it? (One can hope)THIS SHOULD COUNT
    Medical terminology (A) Intro to pharm (A) DONT THINK THESE WILL COUNT TOWARDS ANYTHING
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    I just wanted to let people know that when you call Aspen University they explain the AS degree gets you into the RN-MSN program.. you do not have to meet the liberal arts requirements for the new RN-MSN program,, the web site explanation of credits needed does not apply to College of Nursing. Your 2 yr degree in nursing is all the pre-reqs you need. I was concerned but I have spoken to others who confirmed this is correct. It is new and I do not go there but thought others might find the price appealing and want to investigate further. Of course it is not for everyone but those looking for Educator or Leadership might have interest.
    Shannon, can I ask what your area of nursing your degree will be in? I thought NP was something you got after getting MSN, sorta post-graduate? Does Ohio offer MSN as NP??
    I am still not positive what I want to be when I grow up! Just scoping out other ideas. Appreciate all the inof you have shared
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    Thanks shannon.... I meant tthat their class is college algebra and thecc I go to has a college algebra class that maybe I should take it and transfer iy. I don't know if it matters but earlier this year Gulf Coast community college became Gulf Coast state college hmmm... thanks for all the help... I hope they accept your. Chem, that would suck for u to have to take it over
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    Brooke A NP program or CRNA program is a graduate program. Once you are finished with your BSN you can pursue yout MSN as a nurse practioner or a Nurse Anesthesia program. These programs can have other requirements but as far as basic needs you need your BSN. Once I complete my BSN I will be enrolling into an NP program. I do believe that I may pursue a CRNA degree once my children are grown as you cannot work FT with most CRNA programs. Who knows things change in life all the time but that is the plan.

    Tiffany I would just check to see what math course is required prior to taking Statistics. If you are able to take stats now then do so YOU WILL NEED THIS course. If you are at a Community college then you will need to find a 4 year school to take Junior English.I am not planning on taking all courses through OU. The local schools around here are much cheaper. But some courses are a matter of convenience. 5 weeks is pretty nice when you are just wanting to get done NOW
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    Just curious what they accepted as a JR Level comp requirement? Personally I think they need to move this to a portfolio requirement. Seems ludacrous that you have to write scholarly papers prior to the deadline to take this course.
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    They do NOT require a math placement... at least that is what my(not so sure I believe her) advisor told me. Some prior math classes(collegiate level)may meeth their requirements. I know one person who challanged them and got the requirement to take stats waived....
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    They should accept your chem...they took mine and it was only a credit hour (semester).
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    Yes OU has an NP program
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    To answer the question regarding what they will accept...even if it does not meet one of their requirements those hours will be accepted for electives...so all is not lost!

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