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Hi all - thought it was time to start a new thread that dealt with electives. I'll start!! Business Comm - has anyone in Prof F's class gotten their book review completed? I am up to word 1150 or... Read More

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    Ohhhh... I thought it was 4510. I didn't know they were combining before fall. Sorry, I'll just mind my own, lol!

    Someone PLEASE tell me the shortest route to finding which classes are offered on the 5 week schedule. I keep getting the 10 weeks. I should know how to do this by now...but usually I just finally stumble upon it. Thank you!
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    Just got something in catmail that said Summer registration starts April 10 for some. And Fall registration starts May 14.
    Mtsteelhorse - go to the RN-to BSN Knowledge Center - pick which program you are - academic partnership or BSN completion - there is a link there to classes
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    I found it in a round about way as usual...duh. And I'm considering doubling up??? LOL!
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    Hi guys i have a question is it possible to register for classes in academic outreach if you are in BSN completion. This is if the class is not offered in one but is available in the other.
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    I'm having a glitch registering in the BSN completion section. Is there a difference when it comes down to the classes? Hmmm... I may try that route!
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    Quote from mo2rn
    Hi guys i have a question is it possible to register for classes in academic outreach if you are in BSN completion. This is if the class is not offered in one but is available in the other.
    Yes! Deltaroxxy2 assured me it was possible! A 5-week class is a 5-week class.
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    Yes, Mtsteelehorse, the classes are still combining in Fall, but for the spring start they are having us do the one class combined. The rest will be the regular courses until the official start.

    No idea why I was saying 441. Guess thats what I get for posting after work at like 1 am, lol.

    I believe the difference with taking a class that you register for outside of the regular list is price. You can take classes from other "areas/lists" but you may not get the $157 a credit hour. So just watch that.

    I got the email about summer registration, but it mentioned getting an email with a link to the summer classes? Anyone get that email, because I didn't.
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    I see some of you have taken business comp. I have to take junior comp....no mention of business. Does that sound familiar??
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    I meant business communications.......
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    Quote from michelemybell
    I meant business communications.......
    Just that junior comp...Take Prof P is you can!!!
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    Well I am DONE..FINISHED...FINITO with Nutrition, and ALL ELECTIVES for that matter!!! A 0.5 points away from an A. Maybe kind Prof H., will feel generous and give me the little nudge....LOL

    I retrospect....It was an easy class. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME doing those computer quizzes. That Cengage was the biggest waste of money that we are required to have. Hence why I BOMBED the mid-term. Doing does flippin Cengage quizzes. Just study the study guides for each chapter and I PROMISE you will do fine.
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    Has anybody ever heard anything good about Weber state university's online chemistry course??? It's 15 weeks....yuck....and the latest blogs on here are a little older.
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    No, nuthin. Have you looked into Edukan?