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Sorry to gripe, but I do. This is the first class I have taken in Blackboard, and it's annoying how much time I am spending hunting for things. It's not that I was necessarily in love with EPIC, but Blackboard seems so much... Read More

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    Quote from mtsteelhorse
    I copied and pasted my DB post. TA said don't worry about formatting. I hope she means it!
    I did copy and paste too. It does mess up the formatting of the References though.

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    Quote from cincinursemary
    I did copy and paste too. It does mess up the formatting of the References though.
    Luckily we're not penalized for formatting issues...a saving grace!
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    I don't like BB either. I've used in the past at another college. This college ended up switching to Desire2learn (which I like enough). Having to come back to BB wasn't easy, but I guess it's gonna have to work.
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    I use blackboard in another college where I am teaching. I am more familiar with it as an instructor than as a student, although as a student I liked Epic better. I think the problem is that the TAs haven't had time to learn all of the enhancements and workings of Blackboard. They were hit with the transition to semesters and transition to blackboard at the same time. It is a bit intimating as an instructor when you first have to use it if you weren't given classes to learn it.
    I am sure that they will get better at it as they go.
    It really depends on the instructors experience and competence with it that makes or breaks it.
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