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Sorry to gripe, but I do. This is the first class I have taken in Blackboard, and it's annoying how much time I am spending hunting for things. It's not that I was necessarily in love with EPIC, but Blackboard seems so much... Read More

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    I've never used EPIC but every professor in my program put things in slightly different places in blackboard, so it was always easy to miss assignments or instructions. I think if they standardized it the software would have been fine, but teachers could essentially put stuff wherever.
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    Yeah Blackboard stinks for sure. Like the first poster said, you can set your stuff up manually in a more accessible way but it is kind of a pain in the ass.
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    Quote from Always_Learning
    Yeah, these were just my general observations/musings, and I really only thought that OU students would reply, so it's interesting to hear from other folks whose schools use Blackboard well. It's a little heartening that some of the disorganization may be due to a professor's method of arranging things, and not just inherent in the software.

    Maybe I can pass along some of these ideas when we do a survey at the end of the course; thanks for the feedback.
    I think part of the problem with the BSN professors and Bb is it is new to them. They have been using Epic and got tossed into Bb same as us. Hopefully the bugs will get worked out!
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    I HATE blackboard. Moodle ftw!
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    Quote from marycarney
    Well, it really doesn't matter if you like it or not..........
    I nominate this for the Most Constructive Comment of the Week award.
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    And actually it does matter if they like it or not, since their tuition is paying for it.
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    I take classes at OU, and while they are held in physical classrooms, there is A LOT of Bb useage.

    I had navigation problems the very first time I used Bb. Since then, things have been smooth unless the professor is unorganized and has everything all junked up. That being said, even the good Bb courses are still kinda poop. I wish the calendar and To-do stuff would update on the Bb homepage. That would be super convenient!
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    Quote from Cold Stethoscope
    I nominate this for the Most Constructive Comment of the Week award.

    LOLOLOL!! Awesome and I agree!
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    Blackboard is a steaming pile of excrement.
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    Quote from rninme
    I have used Blackboard in the past - and will not change my mind about it. I agree, it is up to the instructor to set it up. So far, it isn't set up very well. Editing posts has to be set by the instructor and that has not happened in this class. Also - we have it ingrained in us (especially those of us that are almost done)to type in word and copy/paste to the discussion board. Not in Blackboard - won't work. PITA are the words that come to mind .....
    I copied and pasted my DB post. TA said don't worry about formatting. I hope she means it!

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