Gerontology....Who has or is taking this class soon??? Gerontology....Who has or is taking this class soon??? - pg.43 | allnurses

Gerontology....Who has or is taking this class soon??? - page 43

Who's taking it winter 2? Have you gotten your book? Are you buying or renting? Also, if you have taken it, any advice? :D... Read More

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    Quote from chuckster
    Submitted a total of 10 pages, including the cover and reference pages. The body of the paper was 5 pages and the remainder was the care plan. We'll see how acceptable this was.

    I'm now 100% complete and headed out for some well deserved medication in the form of a carbonated, malt-based liquid.

    See a few of you at least in Community in a week or so.
    Drink one for me chuckster .... I am working all weekend.
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    Paper submitted yesterday. Mine was a total of 8 pages, that included title page, reference page, and nursing care plan! But, I had a very very healthy 70 year old...who gets up every morning at 3:30 and works out and still works full time. Made it quite easy. I just had a hard time coming up with nursing diagnoses for her.
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    WooHoo! Another class done! Last paper 11 pages in all (hope my grade doesn't suffer for going over). I probably could've edited it down but then I would worry that I did not include something they were looking for... That and I am sick (we've got some nasty bug going around here right now)... So now I am off to bed and hope I feel better in the morning and can enjoy my weekend off. Everyone enjoy your week.
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    Ohiomom…Your person sounded like mine. Ended up doing anxiety (regarding moving) and risk for injury (regarding hiking every day). I sought out a super healthy person. Didn't want to have to deal w/too much stuff. I still need to take the quiz, but submitting the assignment was a huge burden off my shoulders...
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    Yippee...I am officially DONE---FINISHED---FINITO with Gerontology....Don't know what I would have done without all of this support. Well as many of you know I will be taking my FINAL class at OU after our week break. I'll miss all of the constant dialogue, but I'm sure Stephparm and I will figure out a way to make it through Nursing Excellence

    Enjoy your week break and catching up on some much needed
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    I am freakin' FINISHED with this class......thank GOD. I was sooooo sick of this's not the subject matter; I actually found it really interesting. I just felt like this class was so much more labor intensive than others. I don't know why; I guess we all have our "kryptonite classes." At any rate, I hope I get a decent grade on that massive paper. Mine was 9 pages (5 for main body and the rest was care plan stuff). Congrats to everyone on making it through......I need some liquor now....


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    I'm kind of in shock right assignment and discussion board are graded already! I wasn't expecting them to be graded until Wednesday or so.
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    Quote from ohiomom
    I'm kind of in shock right assignment and discussion board are graded already! I wasn't expecting them to be graded until Wednesday or so.
    When did you hand yours in?
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    Lucky you! I have no idea what to expect...just glad it's over! Enjoy the break!
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    Me too...I couldn't believe I had grades already...maybe the TA needs a break too...LOL!
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    Pleasant surprise - maintained that A. Over and done with .....everyone enjoy your week off and I will see you in Community
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    No grades yet from my TA!
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    Quote from lisa323
    When did you hand yours in?
    I turned it in Thursday...