Gerontology summer 2013

  1. Anyone taking Gerontology summer semester? Any insight what I should expect? I just took Global Health and spent 25 hrs a week on a 3 credit hour course. Hoping for a whole lot less work.
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  3. by   msteeleart
    I am taking gerontology this summer too along with family and junior comp.
  4. by   woodsyny
    I am taking 4560 also along with business communications. No summer for me!
  5. by   msteeleart
    You can sit outside typing up your papers, that is what I will be doing.
  6. by   Blondenurse83
    I took gerontology in January and it wasn't too bad, no quizzes or anything! Good luck
  7. by   radmom
    I am registered for this class as well. Still haven't decided what else I will be taking, possibly Chemistry at a local Community College.
  8. by   woodsyny
    I am taking STATS, 4560 and business communications. I might as well not even open the pool this summer!
  9. by   AgentBeast
    Will be taking 4510 first 5 and 4560 in the second 5.
  10. by   mmmlaugh
    Im doing the same as Scott. First summer term Im also taking Nutrition and a 6 week stats course. Second term im taking Gerontology and then taking the rest of the summer off!
  11. by   Agberei
    For the people taking the state course where are you taking it. And have you heard any reviews about the class. I'm interested in taking it also so feel free to point me in the direction to sign up.
  12. by   mmmlaugh
    which course are you talking about?
  13. by   AgentBeast
    Quote from mmmlaugh
    which course are you talking about?
    I'm guessing state=stats... probably an autocorrect error.
  14. by   Me2006
    im taking stats this summer thru OU