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  1. Waiting on diploma.....

    mine arrived today!
  2. assessing students for drug use

    This happens about once a week with us and it can be any variety of drugs that are suspect. I only report what I objectively see, such as dilated pupils, blood pressure and pulse etc. I know they expect me to tell them whether or not the child is h...
  3. assessing students for drug use

    I was wondering what you all do when you are asked to assess a student who is suspected of being high at school.
  4. Chemistry at Clovis

    I just registered for the class starting in January. Can someone please explain what I need to do to get course approval from Ohio? I am so confused!
  5. NRSE 4550

    The course is up on blackboard Good luck everyone!
  6. NRSE 4550

    I'm in.
  7. Gerontology summer 2013

    I am registered for this class as well. Still haven't decided what else I will be taking, possibly Chemistry at a local Community College.
  8. Family Nursing January

    nope. still no grades
  9. Family Nursing January

    ugh! still no grades for my paper!! I hate waiting!
  10. Family Nursing January

    I am starting to hate my family. -_-
  11. Family Nursing January

    A student in my group has been kind enough to point out errors in other people's posts. So if our TA would per chance miss any errors, the student has made sure to let her know!
  12. Family Nursing January

    I have the Campbell family case study. I am reading week 3 scenarios and Here come honey boo is on TV. It makes the reading a lot more enjoyable - brings them all to life!
  13. Fall 12 NRSE 4520 Assessment and Promotion

    Did I miss something on last weeks assignment? I got no credit for my objectives because I submitted them in the comment section.. apparantly I was supposed to submit it as an attachment. I still don't see where it says we were supposed to do that. ...
  14. Fall 12 NRSE 4520 Assessment and Promotion

    Did anyone notice that under assignments, the assignments are worth 25 points, 10 points and 12 points, but all say 5% of your final grade? I don't know exactly who is to blame, but between the lousy instructions, the TA's not communicating proper e...
  15. Fall 12 NRSE 4520 Assessment and Promotion

    did anyone else get a bunch of emails with this message? I must have gotten 20 of them this morning, and I finished Nutrition in the first session of the fall. An attempt has been graded in course: Intro to Nutr TERM 1 FALL SEMESTER AY 2012 2013‏ An ...