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    I am planning to register courses for next session. If I would like to double up 4540 (community nursing) and 4580 (leadership), is that doable? What is the workload for each of them? What is the test style for each: DB, quiz, or paper? Any suggestions and comments are truly appreciated.

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    Leadership is a new class - combo of Nursing Management and Strategic Planning. No one knows what it will be like. I hated Community - no other words for it.
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    Just as stated my rninme, nobody really knows about the combined class. I took all of those separate and community was the worst and busiest class yet. Management and strategic planning was straight forward but also involved a lot of papers. I would suggest maybe doubling up with a non-combined class or select something different than community. Of course, this is your decision but best of luck!
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    rninme & [COLOR=#003366]Inimica18[/COLOR], thanks for your kind input. I probably will have to only do one class. Don't want to stress myself out...
    Thanks again!
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    I am taking these two classes together next session. I am just planning on not doing anything besides work and school for the month of October. If I don't do it this way then I won't be able to finish until later in the program.
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    I started this program by doubling up on nursing classes. I doubled up Family and Transitions. Since it was my first class with OU online, I had nothing to compare it to, so it went fine. I also doubled up on Cultural (easy) and Legal/ Ethics (now part of Transitions). I am doubling up for my last four classes with OU because I want to be finished in December. All together I will have doubled up on 8 classes. However, I do only work part time.

    Best wishes!
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    I am also doubling up on these 2 classes starting Oct 1, any one have any insight about what all is involved in community!
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    I have doubled up this time with Research and Gerontological Nursing. Gero is a class that IMO can be doubled up with something else (but not Research). I am currently not working now and I am not sure I could double up with any class if I was still working full time, but if you are part time I think it's doable.
    That all being said, it's not that I believe if you work full time you should be never double up. Just keep in mind those five weeks you may not have much free time.
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    I am also doubling up on these classes...hoping it is doable, so far 4510 hasn't been too bad and I'm taking that alone. I plan on just having no life besides work and school if it's horrible at least it's only 5 weeks!
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    Quote from EMEDRN
    I am also doubling up on these 2 classes starting Oct 1, any one have any insight about what all is involved in community!
    There are five assignments, five quizzes, and five discussion boards. The assignments took a lot of time and work and I honestly was ready to cry sometimes because they were awful and time consuming. It was the class with highest amount of credit hours. I don't know if they changed anything but if all is the same then get ahead whenever possible. Here is a description of what the assignments entailed from my syllabus that quarter:

    Healthy People 2020: familiarize yourself with the U.S. Department of Health andHuman Services’ Healthy People project. This activity is non-graded.
    Statistical Health Data for a Community: review and assessdemographic data for your county, state, and nation. review of epidemiological data related to the National Health Objective that youhave selected.
    Community Assessment - Windshield Survey: In this assignment, you will conduct a 45 minute windshieldsurvey of the county where you live.
    Outbreak at Watersedge: A Public Health Discovery Game: The need for public health professionals has neverbeen greater. This activity is non-graded.
    County Health Department Site Survey and Comparison: you will conduct a virtual site visitto your County Health Department or one close to your county and a Health Department in the student’sgeneral geographic area.
    Community Agency Assessment and Interview: you will conduct a virtual site visit to acommunity agency to learn about the services they provide and how these services relate to your NationalHealth Objective.
    Community Informant Interview: you will interview a community informant; that is, an individual who lives withinyour selected community and who is affected by your selected National Health Objective.

    I am not sure if the syllabus and assignments will be the same with the semester change but I am sure requirements will be similar if not. Besides these assignments, quizzes and DB posts each week. Hope this helps.
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