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YOU MIGHT BE FROM OHIO IF...... You've had to switch from AC to heat, in the same day. You end your sentences with unnecessary prepositions, such as: "Where's my coat at?" You install... Read More

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    GO BUCS!!
    This is my new great-nephew, Connor, from Raleigh,NC...he was def born to play for the BUCKEYES!! Connor is one month old today!!

    Ok, now, what I really wanted to say is...the word do you guys say it...with the "q" sound or a "kou"??? HUH??? LMAO!!
    I've always said it like qoupon...and my son's new girlfriend has corrected me I don't know how many times! She's from Chicago.:smiley_ab

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    Quote from kiszi
    soooo true!!! I was born & raised in Southern Ohio (Zanesville), & moved to the Akron area about 6 years ago. One of the first things a lot of people asked me (and still do!) is WHERE are you from?? I didn't even realize I had an accent!!

    Now, after visiting home or talking to family on the phone, my own accent gets alot stronger for a while. Or if I get really excited.

    Yep, my dad still fixes the RUFF, takes the DAWG to the vet, and WARSHes the dishes.

    Also, you know you're from Ohio if people don't come over--they come on DOWN or UP depending on geographic location.

    And I don't know if it's just an Ohio thing or not, but the very first thing a lot of people say on the phone is "what are you doing?"

    Yeah, I go down to see my inlaws and I always ask them on the phone is "What are you doing? or How are you doing?
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    Quote from ShayRN
    The whole "Warshington" was out by my generation. My mother had a third grade teacher who made her write 100 times
    "There is no "r"in Washington" LMAO, wish I could shake her hand.

    I don't think anyone mentioned the funky pronunceation of grocery.

    Lets go to the groSHREE store later. Grrr, it drives me nuts.

    Is there anywhere else in the country that you can drive literally 5 minutes from the inner city slums and be in REALLY nice neighborhoods? Or for that matter drive 30 minutes and be in the COUNTRY?
    I know what you mean there. In Columbus, the east side and Bexley are on the same main street through town. Bexley is very pricey and East end some places you will get shot after dark.
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    Quote from surgii
    I was born and raised in Ohio. I currentlly live in AZ When I first came here I was working an orhto/neuro floor and said to another nurse "I need to get a warsh cloth" At that point, in time I didnt even realize I pronounced it wrong !! Another manner of saying that has been brought to my attention is when some is "picked up by the cops" I have been asked what does that mean. Does any one else say that too?? I miss Ohio and this has been a wonderful thread thank you all!!
    Picked up by the cops is not all over?? That's funny. I say that all the time!
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    LOL on the poster who said that Zanesville is southern Ohio....I'm from Chesapeake which is as FAR SOUTH as you can get without jumping in the river!!
    When I used to go on emergency transports from Ironton to Columbus, staffers at OSH, Riverside etc would ask me what part of GEORGIA I was from.....when I would tell 'em where I was from...they would say..."I didn't know anyone in Ohio talked like that!" From Ohio and darn proud of it!!! GO HERD and GO BUCKS!!!!!!
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    The longer this post goes, the funnier it gets!!!!
    "picked up by the cop" it means ARRESTED!! Hello!!!! I am shocked that picked up by the cops is not universal!
    A lot of my family says "were you busy" or "wa-cha doin' ?" when they answer the phone. Never thought too much about it until now.
    Coupon is a good one. I guess I say "coo-pon", but now that I think on it, I've heard "Q-pon" too.
    Come to think about about "bologna" ??? I say bal-o-nee, but I've heard it call bal-o-n-A. Hmmmmm In western Pa, near Beaver Falls, my grandmother evaded the whole thing...she called it Jumbo. That was a brand, but all bologna was called Jumbo.

    I never did get any feed back on "toad strangler",,,,a hard rain storm. I kind of like it though.

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    Hey, McMike...
    It's been a while since I had read this thread or I just came across your post regarding the toad strangler....I had NEVER heard that one until I moved to WV. A friend of mine here says that! We always said gullywasher in OH...some other ones that I tought were funny were the "picked up by the cops"...I'm thinking, "what else would say?" And personally I say Q-Pon for coupon and of course, you use those at the "gro-shree store"!!!!!
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    i live in ne ohio. i've lived here my whole life, except two years when i lived in pittsburgh while attending school there. i never knew we "talked funny" here! in fact, i read this whole thread and i thought most all of it was "normal" (whatever that is...:chuckle )

    [color=#483d8b]now, i do say soda. i always have, although the rest of my family has always said "pop". and i have never heard anyone say "please?" if they don't understand you, so that was kind of new to me.

    [color=#483d8b]i did notice a difference of the way they talk in pittsburgh, though. i was so confused the first time someone asked me if i had a "gumband" (rubberband), and you don't go get a "sub" there, you get "hoagies"! oh, and i can't forget "yinz guys" (i usually say "you guys, or hey guys). of course, they all have accents there, too.

    [color=#483d8b]i'm going to have to share this stuff with my friends and my sister and see what they think!


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    Ahw'll for I'll (I will).

    My ex wife used to tell me that there is no Owl flying around, so stop saying it.

    Ahw'll try my best...teehee

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