starting wage for RN??

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    hi everyone,
    I am new to this forum and to Ohio. I just move here about a month ago, took my boards, and got a job....the only thing is that I am not sure what the wage is for new RN grads?? I am about an hour North of Columbus. Does anyone have any helpful info for me?? Thanks

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    Everywhere I have seen in OH (Dayton and Cleveland), the starting wage is right around $20/hour.... each hospital might be a little more or a little less, but it's usually right around there.
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    thank you for the info. I will be starting at 20/hr. but I wanted to know if that was reasonable or not. Really wish it were more though!!
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    My daughter graduated a year ago and was hired in between 21-22/hour before any differentials. She's at a teaching hospital in NE Ohio.
    Congratulations and good luck!
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    Hiya! my wife just passed her boards and interviewed in northeast ohio. Summahealth hospitals in/around Akron start new grads at 21 +differential. She took a job at Barberton hospital and gets $23 + $2 night shift differential. hope that helps........i believe they have a 3k sign on bonus too.
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    my sister lives in cincinnati she is a nurse although she works for agency she makes $48 for going to the hospitals and 35 for nursing home
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    20.37 was my last offer, FYI
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    Quote from all4schwa
    20.37 was my last offer, FYI
    I am just across the border in Michigan. I wonder why the wage scale drops so dramatically in Ohio? I know here in Michigan the wages start out at 23 an hour and up for a new grad nurse. Seasoned nurses make much more than that.
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    i have lived in ohio and in michingan cost of living is higher in michigan.
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    Quote from jmgrn65
    i have lived in ohio and in michingan cost of living is higher in michigan.
    I guess I did not factor that in. It is expensive to live here in Michigan.

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