Please help me decide if this school is a joke!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I was just accepted into the LPN program at Fortis College in Columbus, OH. After researching on here I have found some information that is quite concerning.

    First can anyone tell me if this school is Nationally or Regionally accredited?
    What is the difference between these two accredidations?

    I want to hear from anyone who has information on this school. I have talked to a few people who went through their program, and claimed they loved it, and they all have jobs. Although, on the other hand, I hear alot of negitivity towards this school. When I went on the tour I liked what I saw, and my Admin. Representative was very organized and professional. So I am trying to figure out if they are just pulling the wool over my eyes?

    I have heard that noone will hire you if they find out that you graduated from this school, but have also been told (from someone who hires employees at a well known hospital) that as long as you have your liscense places dont care what school you went to. I am left feeling confused, because I always get contradicting information.

    I am aware that this school is pricey but that isn't my concern right now. I am just very interested in getting my degree and starting my career asap. I have done the math and if you add up 4 years tuition, and add the price of books to that you are walking away with almost the same cost.

    Also, Bohecker (now Fortis) was a horrible school... BUT Fortis is not Bohecker. Fortis bought the building that Bohecker was in. They are two different schools. Bohecker did lose their accreditation to my knowledge. (sorry but some people have confusion on this)

    With this being said, I dont want anyone to tell me about the price being too high, or about how a 4 year school would be better (been there done that).

    I only want to know any good or bad information anyone has about this school. And preferably if I could get feedback from students who have attended this school already that would be great!!

    ** Oh, and only information about the Westerville, Ohio campus please! **

    Thanks to anyone who reads this and posts!!
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  3. by   DCoffill
    Heres a link to a list of accredited lpn programs in
    Ohio, straight from the board of nursing. Hope this helps!
  4. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    although the school is accredited by the ohio board of nursing, there is one other accreditation body you should look at, nlnac the school is not accredited by nln nor are they seeking candidacy status. this should not suggest that the school doesn’t have intentions on doing so. if you are looking to further your education, lpn to rn bridge programs for example, an nln accredited school is one you will want to seek.
    good luck to you.
  5. by   sweetmonichick15

    I had looked at this website before and I find other Fortis campuses on there in Ohio, but I didn't see the Columbus branch.

    Do you have any idea what this could mean?
  6. by   sweetmonichick15

    Thank you very much I had been searching for hours and couldn't find this information. I see they are not nationally accredited. I am curious though, they have a ADN program there (so not worried about not being able to get my RN) but I asked them what If I wanted to get my BSN and they said they have an agreement with a school in Indiana for us to get that online???

    Maybe I am very confused, but If they are not nationally accredited, wouldn't that mean that to transfer credits to another school not with in the state that they wouldn't recognize the credits???

    Im so confused. Can you explain what this means to me for them not to be nationally accredited please??

    I want to get my BSN and possibly further. I am looking at maybe becoming a traveling nurse. I was just shy of getting my Associate Degree in Science from another school, but am transferring to get out of school faster for right now.

    So if I choose to go to Fortis will I be able to work in other states? Will my credits transfer to other colleges with in the state??? (I do plan on staying in Ohio until my schooling is finished) Will they transfer outside the state?

    Thanks guys
  7. by   13905 BSN
    Im not sure if NLNAC is an essential for a school to be legit. I couldn't find Stony Brook University, Binghamton University, SUNY Upstate or SUNY Downstate on it and they are all prestigious programs.
  8. by   SummitRN
    State BON Accredidation: ABSOLUTE MUST

    National vs Regional Accreditation: Although it is confusing, REGIONAL is what you want, especially if you ever want to continue your education.

    NLNAC or CCNE: These make it more likely to get hired. These are required if you want to continue your education.
  9. by   happy2learn
    You will have to re-take gen ed courses if you want to go to a different school afterwards. Those courses will not transfer.

    Source: My friend went to that school, when it was Bohecker. But the format is still the same. She wants to get her BSN, and she has to retake all of the gen ed courses.

    Also, they were banned from doing clinical in all of the hospitals (I'm not in Columbus so if may be different there) and so far, have not been let back in. Doesn't matter that Fortis bought them out. People are still remembering them as Bohecker. I would keep that in mind if you plan on getting your ADN there.
  10. by   cl1981
    No school in Ohio will except Fortis/Boheckers credits because they are not regionally accrediated, I have experience with this beacause i graduated from the in 2009. When you look them up on the Board of Nursings website all the campuses are either on provisional or conditional status. None of them have ever been on full status. Although Hondros, the other for profit school across the street, is working towards their regionally accredited status and a BSN program as well. They for right now though are not a regionally accredited school. To address the other concerns on the school the tuiton is outrageous, the clinical sites are in Akron, Portsmouth to name a few. For the LPN-RN program you'll be lucky to get into a hospital and if you do the staff will not let you pass meds. My advise go to a local community college and take all your general ed's then transfer to another school. Columbus State just changed their acceptance policy for LPN-RN's to once per year because there were "to many qualified applicants". Try COTC in newark, Clark state in Springfiels, OU in zanesville. THough some programs have a waitlist you hafve to sit on its better than going into debt from a school that has a terrible reputation and not being able to find a job after you graduate.
  11. by   strawberryluv
    "Fortis College, Columbus has Institutional Accreditation from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) as a non-main campus of Medix School in Towson, Maryland. Fortis College, Columbus is approved to award Associate's of Applied Science degrees and diplomas. Advertising Registration # 06-11-1801B. " (Credits to Fortis website) doesn't look like its accredited by the main accrediting bodies. I think you should pass this opportunity because no hospital will recognize this accreditation if it is not one of the main accrediting bodies (NLNAC, CCNE, Middle States).
  12. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from 13905 BSN
    Im not sure if NLNAC is an essential for a school to be legit. I couldn't find Stony Brook University, Binghamton University, SUNY Upstate or SUNY Downstate on it and they are all prestigious programs.
    They could be CCNE accredited (I don't know, I haven't tried looking). A school doesn't need to have both NLNAC or CCNE; usually they have one or the other.
  13. by   lifelearningrn
    I know this isn't want you want to hear (since you basically said so lol) but pricey is a big deal when it comes to LPN/LVN school. People need to realize the cost/return value of these private, for-profit institutions. LPNs make a lot less than RNs do.. if you're maxing out your loans and financial aid on an LPN program you may have trouble paying to further your education via this route.. and you'll be hurting with the monthly payments when it comes time to pay it back. Especially when you consider the LPN pay is not good.

    Good luck~
  14. by   strawberryluv
    Quote from 13905 BSN
    Im not sure if NLNAC is an essential for a school to be legit. I couldn't find Stony Brook University, Binghamton University, SUNY Upstate or SUNY Downstate on it and they are all prestigious programs.
    Bachelor degree programs are accreditted by CCNE which makes sense because CCNE stands for Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education. It wouldn't make sense otherwise if your nursing program is NOT accreditted by the CCNE. Associate degree programs get their accredittation usually by NLNAC (National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission)