Is 12.50/hr an average LPN wage for this area?

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    I am in SE Ohio, was offered a job in SNF for 12.50/hr. Is this an average for this area?

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    I moved your post to the Ohio Nursing forum with the goal of attracting more responses. Welcome to the forums and good luck to you!
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    thank you
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    It's a little higher from what I've heard in NE Ohio somewhere in the neighborhood of $14 to $16 an hour with RN's roughly $10 more. This is for new grads though in Acute Care (hospital) though.
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    thats pretty low. I would expect it to be at least 14.40 an hour for an LPN
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    I live in NE Ohio and the average here for an LPN in a SNF in 16-19/hr. I think 12.50/hr is pretty low. I was looking on the state of Ohio website and I saw there was a correctional facility in SE Ohio hiring LPN's. Have you tried looking in other places?
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    12.50 seems to be average around here...I have not checked OHIO.GOV lately for corrections, but I will check again. thanks
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    I live in Dayton and I make 17.74 an hour. That's for part-time too! I think that's good. I have been at my job for 2.5 years and started at 16. I think that is really low! Course when I worked as a medical assistant I was paid less than $12.50
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    12.50 seems low. Where i work at in Cincinnati new grad lpns make 19.50/hr.
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    I hope that isn't right! I made that as a PCA.....

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