Is 12.50/hr an average LPN wage for this area? Is 12.50/hr an average LPN wage for this area? | allnurses

Is 12.50/hr an average LPN wage for this area?

  1. 0 I am in SE Ohio, was offered a job in SNF for 12.50/hr. Is this an average for this area?
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    I moved your post to the Ohio Nursing forum with the goal of attracting more responses. Welcome to the forums and good luck to you!
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    thank you
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    It's a little higher from what I've heard in NE Ohio somewhere in the neighborhood of $14 to $16 an hour with RN's roughly $10 more. This is for new grads though in Acute Care (hospital) though.
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    thats pretty low. I would expect it to be at least 14.40 an hour for an LPN
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    I live in NE Ohio and the average here for an LPN in a SNF in 16-19/hr. I think 12.50/hr is pretty low. I was looking on the state of Ohio website and I saw there was a correctional facility in SE Ohio hiring LPN's. Have you tried looking in other places?
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    12.50 seems to be average around here...I have not checked OHIO.GOV lately for corrections, but I will check again. thanks
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    I live in Dayton and I make 17.74 an hour. That's for part-time too! I think that's good. I have been at my job for 2.5 years and started at 16. I think that is really low! Course when I worked as a medical assistant I was paid less than $12.50
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    12.50 seems low. Where i work at in Cincinnati new grad lpns make 19.50/hr.
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    I hope that isn't right! I made that as a PCA.....
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    I was making 20.00 in Westlake. 12.00 is stna wages
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    I didn't know that it dropped so far the further you went out East. I know that the average LPN wages tend to drop about a dollar in each county from Hamilton to Clermont, and Brown to Adams counties. I didn't know that it kept going down as you went out towards Athens though. Have you checked around to see if this is comparable to other wages in the immediate area for you?
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    I as a new grad got offered $16hr. Anything less is super low! Think of how hard you worked to become a nurse!