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Just curious what others have experienced working with Occupational Health nursing agencies? I have found that quite a few agencies lie about what the job entails, often luring you in by promising a temp to hire position within a... Read More

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    I think most employers misrepresent themselves. Sometimes it's unintentionally since upper echelon are often aloof and unfamiliar with the day-to-day occurrences but also because if they aired their dirty laundry no one, at least not quality people, would come around for more jobs when the positions came open.

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    Yes, it is too much to ask for names--sorry...

    Try this agency, I hear they mean what they say, and say what they mean:

    Brnuemup & Queec Nursing Agency:

    1) Not one of our contract nurses have expressed a single complaint, we have 100% satisfaction.

    2) Every nurse is guaranteed to become permanently hired by the company that they work for within a reasonable amount of time.

    3) We give you loads of opportunities so that you can become highly educated in your field.

    4) Compensation is guaranteed to be adjusted annually.

    5) We've heard of your quality work and we need you, come join us.

    6) Generous benefit plan: Physicals, and eye care are free. We have a quality medical insurance plan.

    Of course reading between the lines:

    1) They know better than complain. A hint of complaining and *poof* bye, bye.

    2) Reasonable amount of time = 60 years. Wel, it's reasonable in a geological scale!

    3) You've got a local library--dummy, use it!

    4) Who said compensation was to be adjusted "up" doh! Be real.

    5) Ho hum, you sound naive, and of course we need you, too many of our nurses have died from stress already.

    6) Of course physicals and eye care are free, gosh--you do that for all employees, why not help yourself? Yes, we do have an annual medical insurance plan, and you only pay $100 per month, but what you don't know is that TOTAL maximal benefits combined is $1000 per year. And yes it does say unlimited emergency room visits and the plan will pay up to the maximum allowed each time, but what you don't know is that the maximum allowed is $20 per visit. (This insurance policy is very real--not imaginary! It was the last one I had).

    Oh, if you did not "get it" at the start, go back and read the name of the agency slowwwwwwwwly....

    I predict that within 5 years there will naturally form a new Union called the Grand Union of Contract and Part-time workers. The Unions (which ultimately became too powerful and a problem in themselves) were formed by abuse. Unfortunately, today, almost all of us are faced with abuse in our work.
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