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...Because I cannot get a job in this specialty to save my life! I rarely see any job postings for PP in my area and when I do they want experience ofcourse. I've spoken to a few PP nurses and they all have been working in PP... Read More

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    Thank you pinknblue!!!! I'll keep you all posted. I'm supposed to start in April if my references get cleared
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    So I just finished week one on the floor and I LOVE IT. I actually look forward to going to work for the first time in my life.
    -Proud PP RN
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    So glad to hear! See? It really is the best
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    hiii crazy&cuteRN
    congratulations for landing your dream job!!..its really nice to hear that you are liking it..
    i graduated almost 6 yrs back(i'm a foreign graduate),passed my nclex-rn last yr..now i'm going to work in ob-pp..plz share something more about your experience on the floor and guide me about do's n don'ts...its going to be my first job as an RN in USA..i really have no idea about hospital setup and everything here..
    thank yu
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    Congrats!!!! Update?
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    Update : just got off orientation and I love this job. I look forward to going to work every day . Somedays are crazy busy but I love it all....
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    Quote from crazy&cuteRN
    Update : just got off orientation and I love this job. I look forward to going to work every day . Somedays are crazy busy but I love it all....
    Knew you would It's the best!
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    I just finished my BSN and am waiting to take my boards. I just applied to the hospital where I had my 3 boys, for a PP position that hires new grads. (I am an LPN with 6 years LTC/ 1 year HHC.)

    I am going to call the HR and find out who the hiring manager is. Any hints/tips on interviewing, especially since I haven't passed my boards yet? Would it seem to pushy to go to the hiring manager? I'd also like to cross train in L&D, should I mention that, also?
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    So glad you got on! I was going to pipe in and say there's really nothing special about PP. Except for the fact that it is low turnover so not as many openings. Plus, it's a fairly "desireable" unit so when the openings do come up there's lots of competition. But I am glad you there! I FINALLY started L&D about six months after years of trying and I love it too. It's intense, I feel like a new grad all over again and there is just so so much to learn. But I look forward to being there and I don't have that I don't want to go to work tonight" like I used to. :-)
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    I am a new RN graduate and is set to begin working on a PP/Peds unit. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I loved working on the PP floor during clinical. I have read under other discussion topics that postpartum nursing is boring and made for nurses who's ready to retire. With that being said, anxiety arises for me because I want plenty of experience such as starting IVs, caths, and so far. Can anyone tell me about their experience as a PP nurse? Thanks in advance!

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