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What did you do...

  1. 0 What nursing field did you work in before working in L&D (or postpartum)?
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    Nothing, I came into OB/L&D as a new grad
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    Same here. If you want l&d just apply to every open position they have unless it asks for 3-5 years of experience.
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    I am a new grad as well. I used to work in health education and HIV prevention.
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    med/surg and acute rehab for 8mo...was a per diem float between the two units.
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    Yes, I started in OB (with a brief stint in home health). I actually worked in OB before I was a nurse- I was a birth assistant and childbirth educator, then a Certified Professional Midwife and Florida Licensed Midwife (CPM, LM), then went back to school for my BSN, and am now completing my MSN on my way to becoming a CNM!
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    Was hired as a new grad to work postpartum.
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    I did 2 years of med/surg before transferring to Mother/Baby and it helped me tremendously.
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    Med-Surg and Inpatient Psych.
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    Got hired into L&D as a new grad.
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    I was hired as a new grad into L&D. I also worked for 11 months before graduation as an extern in an LDRP unit.
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    Med-Surg for a year before transferring to a LDRP. Really helped with time management and basic nursing skills. Hated it but glad I got the experience.
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    Hired into PP as a new grad :-D

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