Which states are CNMs permitted to do homebirths?

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    I am a pre-nursing student with the long-time goal of becoming a midwife. Since I love homebirth and believe that it is ultimately best for many women/families, I would like to know if anyone knows where to find a list of states where homebirth by nurse-midwives is legal. Anyone?

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    The problem with doing a homebirth as a CNM is that you must have physician collaboration. Most physicians would not collaborate on homebirths. I think you will find that very few CNMs do homebirths - most homebirths are attended by CPMs or DEMs.

    You might have better luck asking in the CNM forum. There are several threads on this topic there.

    I'm pretty sure that in IL, it's illegal for a CNM to attend a homebirth. That's the only state I know about, though. I know it's legal in CO and AZ, but for the aforementioned reasons, it just doesnt' happen too often. Most of the time, when you have a woman who wants a birth outside of a hospital that's attended by a CNM, she would go to a FSBC.
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    I know in Texas they can attend home births.
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    go to mothering.com. There is an area in the forum section for home births. Many of the women on this site have home births, and may be able to assist you. Good luck!
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    Quote from klone

    I'm pretty sure that in IL, it's illegal for a CNM to attend a homebirth. That's the only state I know about, though. .
    It's definitely legal in IL- I had a CNM attended homebirth there a year ago! And two of my CNM friends own homebirth practices there. MANA has a summary here: http://mana.org/laws.html that mostly addresses CPM/CM but has info about CNMs as well. Basically the restrictions on homebirth practice come from collaborative agreement requirements, not from the laws themselves.
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    New York is one...

    I had a homebirth in Mass and used a CPM
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    It's legal in CT though I think there is only one CNM group in the whole state that will do it.
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    Legal in NY!
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    Legal in NH. And contrary to what an above poster said, they do not need physician oversight to attend home births in that state.
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    Not in Alabama, for sure. It is illegal for midwives, period, regardless of education, to attend a homebirth. Alabama has a very strong physicians' lobby. Who cares if some women have a 2 hour trip one way to get to a hospital that delivers, that's the "safe" way to do it!
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