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    Do you use OB techs who scrub in for your c-sections and do other duties on the floor (CNA)?? Do you know what an expected pay range is for this job?

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    Usually they are in the pay range of the CNA, which around here (Pennsylvania) is like $8 - $10. Most places are steering away from OJT trained surgical scrubs...I actually dont know of any around here that do it anymore.
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    I just graduated but worked as an OB tech while in nursing school. The pay was $11.50/hour for per diem in Florida. I scrubbed in for sections, assisted in SVDs and did general stocking and assisting duties on the floor. Sometimes at night in an emergency section it would just be the OB, the anesthesiologist, a circulator and me.
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    They are paid very well where I work. Techs do scrub in all cases on our unit and in addition, do unit secretary-like duties. Some are CNAs others are not.
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    Quote from mitchsmom
    Do you use OB techs who scrub in for your c-sections and do other duties on the floor (CNA)?? Do you know what an expected pay range is for this job?
    We have OB techs that scrub in for c-sections. They don't really do CNA duties though. They actually scrub in, assist in vaginal deliveries, stock the floor and are our secretaries. I think they're paid around $12-15/hr. But I don't know for sure.
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    We recently hired a tech/aide. We had hoped she would take over many of our non-nursing functions that sapped so much of our rooms, emptying laundry, setting up delivery tables etc. Well, the saying "Be careful what you ask for" is ringing true with us. The combination of it being a new position and her being LAZY has resulted in much stress. She actually hides to avoid work in any form. She had a good orientation by the aide on days. I resent having to "ask" her to do jobs she knows are hers. I am not a natural "delegator" and I hate having to do it. She is no help at all. I believe she is being paid 10 $ per hour. I find myself feeling like I have another child. She often says she will do something "later". Having been a mother for more years than I care to count, that means that I will be doing it later, not her. Thanks for letting me vent, this is just so annoying to me.
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    Thanks for the feedback. We have a GREAT CNA on our unit who is adding scrub duties so we're thinking she deserves to get paid more for it but wanted to know how others do it.
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    I am presently an OB tech I when we don't have C sections tubals or D/C's I draw the labs assist in labor coaching CNA and monitor tech and secretarial duties for my floor.

    There is NO MORE OJT for the surgical technologist portion in my state you must be a Certified CST or ST Or LPN with OR experience. Plus JACHO is outlawing the OTJ business.

    I also am a Certified Phlebotomist and Lab assistant and bilingual it's a busy place.

    I have a detailed job discription i can post for anyone who would like it if you have any questions please ask

    Oops i forgot the money what people really want to know.
    I have 10 years OR experince in all services 6 years Lab experience
    but the base in my hospital is $18.05 and the max is $28.45
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    OB techs where I work do double duty as unit secretary. Their responsibilities include setting up the delivery table, assisting the doc with repairs, cleaning up after the birth and some stocking. They can do some charting as well like when the head is out, when the baby is born and when the placenta is out. I love our techs, they are a great help. In triage they bring up the pts as well as set up beds, etc. They are paid around $16/hr for day shift.

    - N
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    What ladies, is an Ob tech???????

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