Question about Tubals and pregnancy.

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    I am considering having this done after I give birth in January, this will be my 4th and I am done. Three of my pregnancies were pill babies so I want something more reliable. My MD told me that there is a 10% chance that you can get pregnant after a tubal. Have you seen many women in this predicament?


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    Yes I have seen post-tubal babies. 2 in 6 years. it is extremely rare. Ask your dr. what method of tubal ligation will be used. 10% seems an inordinately high rate of failure to me. I have seen figures more like 0.1-1% only. I would ask around other doctors and ask this guy why the failure rate he quotes is so high. I have never heard of it failing at that rate.

    Best wishes and hope your delivery is healthy and happy!
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    any reason your husband does not plan a vasectomy?

    just curious.
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    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes

    any reason your husband does not plan a vasectomy?

    just curious.

    He is a big baby!!!LOL ! I wish he would get one, but is terrified, I am supposed to have a scheduled C~Section anyway so it shouldn't be that much more invasive.
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    nope tacking on a tubal w/ a csection is nothing for you and about 10-15 min more OR time at tops

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Like I said, post-tubal babies are purty rare. Much more so than PILL babies.
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    I had a tubal after my 2nd child 12 yrs ago. Imagine my suprise when last year I missed my period and had a positive preg test. After a week of testing and emotional tumoil it turned out to be ectopic. This is not as rare as you think. 1% may not sound like much, but just think 1 out of every 100 will become preg. and the likelyhood of ectopic is high if preg after a tubal. I had a second tubal and this time they completely cauterized my tubes. Just be sure you know the method your dr plans to use. Good luck!!
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    When I had my tubal, my ob doc said it would be an immaculate conception if I got pregnant after the job she did on my tubes. She cauterized them after they were cut so they wouldn't grow back together. I did not ask her to do this, and did not know that's how she performed the operation until it was over. Three years later, I had to have a hysterectomy.

    I missed my uterus for a long time afterwards. I still had my monthly PMS without the period that followed, but no other differences were noticable.

    Good luck with baby #4 in January. If you need a baby name, Renee is still popular.
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    I think the failure rate may be related to the method that is used to "obstruct" the ligated ends.

    I had it done in 1988 using a "fallopi-ring" , it was only done on the left as my right ovary was minimally functional & the right tube was tortuous and imbedded in scat tissue (would have needed an open rather than lap to get to it). I got pregnant in 1996, it was necessary to terminate the pregnancy with a TAH, the left tube was intact and the ring imbedded in scar tissue next to it.
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    I have seen a married woman have a pregnancy after a tubal AND Dad had a vasectomy. Theirs was a miracle baby who was meant to be. That is how they looked at it. If the doctor knows that you would NEVER want to be pregnant again, they can use more than one method to fix the problem. Good luck to you and the new little one! If it should happen again, it was meant to be!! :roll
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    1-2 % failure rate for BTL...slightly higher if done at time of delivery than when done at 6 weeks postparum!


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