Question about Tubals and pregnancy.

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I do have a question ..... I got my tubes tried 19 months ago and I had internal bleeding the doctor said he did not know why but it stop some how:icon_roll but anyways now I am afriad that there is a chance of becoming pregnet I had them cut tried and burned as they say but now I wonder if it can be my tubes he messed up on too.....and I have not questioned b4 is cause my hubby was in Iraq shortly after our daughter was born till just last month now I am showing signs even though it is still to soon to tell does anyone else know about the chances of that please

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This is not a question we here can answer for you. According to our terms of service, we can't give out medical advice, and I'm afraid that's what you're asking. If this is an issue that concerns you, please talk with your doctor about it. We do wish you and your husband the best.


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