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Hi everyone! I'm doing a little assignment on myths vs research in the workplace. Can you help me out? I work in a very large tertiary care centre where we have 600 births a month. It is a teaching hospital where lots of... Read More

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    I don't see enough true redheads to know for sure yet. But if you have a yellow skin undertone -- regardless of hair color or race -- I will be leaving your IV in for a *bit* longer. I have seen it happen too many times with patients that have that particular characteristic.

    Arwen's $.02
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    I'm bringing this up again because I, too, am trying to find any real-life research on this topic. I didn't believe this wives tale at all, planned for an all-natural birth, ended up with PPH and an emergency cesarean (with an epidural that only really numbed one side--yes, I could feel them cutting into me), transfusion, the works.

    Redhead, fair, nope on the freckles though.
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    Not directly applicable, but an interesting sidenote.
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    Another red head OB nurse. I had two vaginal deliveries, no excessive bleeding with either one. Infact, my second birth I didn't even have an IV! I have never had a redheaded PPH. I wonder if this old wives tale was started because of the rarity of redheads to begins with... I think only 2% of the population here in the US. My point is, you have a PPH, she happens to be a readhead, so you remember it. Kind of like throwing salt over your shoulder... nothing bad happens, so the salt worked!

    My mom is also a redhead, BTW. Two vaginal births, no PPH.

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    I work in gynae theatres as well as doing c-sections. The majority of our surgeons are of the opinion that redheads do bleed more. I must ask them why......

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