Foley placement BEFORE anesthesia??

  1. Ok where I'm working atm they put the foley in the mom BEFORE the spinal. Yeah in the triage room where she is waiting to go back for her csection.

    I think its crazy. I was use to placing the foley immediately after they laid her back after her spinal.

    One of my orientators said she always just waits until then..but the OB (the one and only lol) gets all annoyed when she does lol.

    I would like to raise the question with my manager...but wanted to know what the norm for all of you are?
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  3. by   RNnicu42
    For scheduled C/S's and non-emergent C/S's, we always put foley in after anesthesia. There is no need to put mom through that when there is no urgency. If it is an urgent case that has time for a spinal, we will sometimes put it in before we move them into the OR. But most of our pt's already have epidurals in place and therefore already have foley's in place. I do not think there is any reason why the f/c should be put in before the spinal. It just makes the mother more uncomfortable and anxious.
  4. by   klone
    Where I started as a nurse (smallish community hospital) they put in foleys pre-anesthesia as well. Our C/S were handled by the regular OR staff, not L&D, and we were told that the regular OR staff was too impatient to do it for us. However, if a patient REQUESTED foley placement after spinal, we would always accommodate (and basically tell the OR staff "too bad, so sad" when they got annoyed at having to do it.

    WHere I work now, it's always placed post-spinal, in the OR (except for in emergencies, of course) and it's just how it's done. Now that I've seen that for the past two years, the old way seems mean and barbaric to me. There is no good reason why it cannot be done in the OR after spinal, except in the case of emergencies.
  5. by   Fyreflie
    Even in the small hospital I worked in (separate OR staff) it was done post spinal. Why put someone through the discomfort and anxiety?
  6. by   jodyangel
    Ahhh Klone am I working in your old hospital? Lol! Yeah well I think it's terrible personally. The first section I went into my orientator said she wasn't placing it beforehand. So I placed it after they got the spinal in. I'd rather they change the policy than be kid on the block you know?
  7. by   jodyangel
    Klone I say that cause the regular OR staff does the sections as well.Weird lol.
  8. by   jodyangel
    Foleys hurt. I can safely place one in about 2 mins...
  9. by   kirsnikity
    Foley is placed after spinal is in, unless mom is getting general anesthesia. It takes less than two minutes to insert and you can't prep the patient immediately after the spinal anyhow. It's insensitive on the OB's part to insist on inserting the foley first.
  10. by   jweichman
    If you think about it, if the patient was having a different surgery she would not recieve a foley until anesthesia was initated. Why do we expect a pregnant patient to suffer through the procedure?
  11. by   subee
    It's easier for EVERYBODY after the spinal. But the second issue is that the conditions are cleaner than in the patient's room. People are wearing masks, gloves as part of everyday sterile practice. It's a no brainer and shame on the people too lazy to do their own jobs and pass it on to the floor nurses.
  12. by   monkeybug
    Depends. If the patient requests, then post-spinal. Otherwise, before they hit the OR. I had one, it's not that bad. The trade-off, as I often explained to the patient, was privacy. If done in her room, it was me, her, and whoever of her family she wanted in the room with a door that stayed firmly closed. If done in the OR, it was her, me, anesthesiologist (usually male), CRNA (often male), sometimes the NICU team (with occassional males) and no way to screen her from view. Also, I'd usually have a doctor there tapping their foot while I tried to do it as quickly as possible. I didn't care either way, I'm happy to do it in the OR.
  13. by   brownbook
    Where I use to work, from 2001 to 2005, for the first few years pre-op put in the foley for scheduled c/sections. . Finally, thank goodness, the chief OB attending was made aware, the unwritten policy was changed, and OR was putting the foleys.

    I didn't mind doing it, it is good to keep up all of one's skills, however the moms hated it more than the IV.
  14. by   mct1963
    I've had two C/Sections. One for Fetal Distress, the Foley was in but, I had already been given a spinal narcotic. So, no pain.

    The second, was a scheduled C/Section for a complete placenta previa (Nurses are so lucky). This was at a different hospital and they put the Foley in me before giving me anesthesia. It hurt...a lot...

    EBP-Is there any reason to put the Foley in before surgery?