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    So I went into work last night, I guess it is World Breastfeeding Week right now. We have all these posters around the unit advertising it. Then in our station (in plain view of patients and visitors) is a poster listing the top 12 reasons to breast feed. Now I agree with some of them like increased immunities and the best natural food for your baby.
    The best one though says that your baby will be smarter if you breast feed them. Now I want to read that research article. How did they prove that?

    Anyway it was the joke of the unit last night. We were saying that all our strange (stupid) patients must have been bottle feed or else they would be smarter right?


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    NOPE......not true in my middle daughter was NOT breastfed because of the late start she and I had after she was born.....complications, etc......and she is the brainy one of the three children, closely followed by the babygirl who gets all A's....then comes the older girl who struggled for that A & B...unlike her sisters who are EXCELLENT test takers after skimming through material they are going to be tested on. So......that theory doesn't hold water in my book. :chuckle
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    I saw the title of this post and thought, ohhh noooo, they're back!!
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    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    I saw the title of this post and thought, ohhh noooo, they're back!!
    :chuckle :chuckle :roll :chuckle
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    Actually the poster that said this was sponsered by
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    Originally posted by finallyRN
    Actually the poster that said this was sponsered by
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    i read the a research article on the topic and from the reseach done it showed breast feed babies had IQ of aprox 5 points higher than bottle feed babies. i do not recall the exact research method used . but it is true that breast fed is best fed.
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    Well, I guess that explains it!! I knew it all the time! Its my mothers fault that I'm an idiot!!!!!!!!LOL
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    I KNEW it!! I am a frickin' GENIUS!.. OW!! broke my nail on my mouse..
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    It's ALWAYS the mother's fault; Fire, flood, famine, pestilence: It's always my fault.

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