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:rolleyes: So I went into work last night, I guess it is World Breastfeeding Week right now. We have all these posters around the unit advertising it. Then in our station (in plain view of patients and visitors) is a poster... Read More

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    I agree smiling

    I never try to presure patients one way or the other. I belive that in a perfect world breast would be better for everyone. However we dont live in a perfect world and sometimes it just won't work.
    Some people especialy teen mom's are embaressed by breastfeeding, some moms simply cant do it becuase of work and others don't have the personality that lends its self to breastfeeding. If you presure or guilt people into BF you set them and the baby up for a hard time. If they dont really want to BF they may not feed the baby on time or they might get really stressed out and thats not good.

    I always ask my patients why they have choosen breast or bottle and prob them too see how much they know. Then I try to see if i can provide information to lead them to a desition that works for them. I've said it before I am pro BF but I have helped some moms make the desition not to BF. Some of them don't really want too but feel guilty and thats not right.

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    I've noticed that about the lipil stuff!!! I thought it was the nipples we were using (ran out of the good kind). Did you notic that it says to use within an hour of opening? I know it's silly, but that kind of scard me. I always throw leftovers away, but other nurses on my unit don't; they'll recap them and use them at the next feeding. I had to make a big sign and post it over the formula table...had me wondering...what happens to the ingredients after an hour? Do they come alive? ;>P
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    have noticed the same thing, they sure spit it up a lot! also made a note of the 1 hour thing. it is hard to get some patients educated to the fact that they must use with in an hour or throw it away
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    Dayray, you sound like MY kind of nurse! I like the way you advocate!

    And if I had MY way, the hospital would stop stocking formula openly in the nursery; it would be in formulary and in the pharmacy for use *as prescribed by a ped*. I don't like it; there are MANY digestive and allergenic issues you court when you use it. I prefer breastfeeding. But it is there, for all to see. I even remove it from the bags we give out to breastfeeding moms.

    But if a Mom chooses formula feeding, surely it is her choice. I just wish they were educated more before giving birth---many come to me "I think I might try breastfeeding....if it does not work out, I will go to bottle. " (!!!) I do EVERYTHINGin my POWER to help "it work out" but it is hard when one is not committed.

    Conversely, When I ask what type formula they are considering when they are determined to bottle-feed, they have no clue NO idea what they will be putting in their infants' stomachs. I think they should KNOW what they are considering feeding their kids before this! I see many feeding problems w/formula. Few with breastfeeding.

    I (still) say, keep the political agendas out of it (from both sides). Stop sending formula reps to us to take us to the Olive Garden to hard-sell their product (I actually do not participate out of principle). Also, when a mom says she is set to formula-feed, support her choice w/o guilting. To me, it is all I can do. Iknow this post is too long and not very well-said, but I did my best to convey how I feel about this issue!
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    I'm lovin' this discussion. And it is, indeed a REAL discussion! The one thing that I have certainly learned as a parent is that each mother, each FAMILY has to make the choices that work best for them! I have the opportunity to speak with expectant moms every day. I am asked about BF on a daily basis. I can extol the virtues of BF until I'm blue in the face, but I tell them, make a decision based on what's best for HER...and to not feel guilty, or to let anyone make them feel guilty about anything.

    Educate & let 'em make their OWN decision.

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