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I would be so grateful for anyone who answers this, because making me very stressed. On my last placement in a childrens hospital, i made a medication error. The child takes two meds both of which are the same colour.... Read More

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    I've moved this to the UK forum as I believe your a UK student so will get more appropriate responses here.

    If this is not the case let me know and I'll pop it back
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    We aren't here to make you cry. But we are just wanting to stress to you the importance of what you did. I think you do realize what happened and may need to have a to do list in the future to avoid confusion and mistakes of this sort. This way you can concentrate on things better when they come up. I take back my negative comments because I can't judge you or your ability from an online forum. good luck with the criticism you have given yourself and I hope it turns around for you. I do apologize for my words earlier.
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    Its fine, and thankyou to everyone, i really mean that.

    I dont want this to be moved to a UK forum, i just want closure on the whole thing. I would like this thread to now be closed.

    I dont know what else can be said that hasnt already been said to me in way of advice and criticism, and i need to try and just move forward from this, otherwise my studies will get affected and i will just get ill from all the stress.

    I have thought about this carefully in my head, and i will be seeking academic support and clinical support when i go back out onto placement. I will make my next mentor aware of my wekanesses and i am also aware of what work i need to do between now and the next time i have my clinical placement.

    I would like to be able to move on now, to calm myself down, and focus on my studies.

    I know i cant change the past but i am in control of my future, and how to make my placements work for me.

    Ive really learnt a lot now on how to conduct myself on placement, and that you must take action for your own learning.

    I did say that i felt abandoned on placement and this is something that happens all too often, students end up feeling alone and in the deep end as a result. I do feel my mentor should have been around more, thats just my honest opinion though.

    As i say id like to be able to move on and keep a clear head, i cant ruin my health as i wont be good to anybody.

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    Closing this thread as requested by the OP

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