What are/were your holy grail resources to pass nursing school? - page 2

So I was just accepted to nursing school and I will be starting the program August 28th. My question goes out to all of you current and former nursing students, what are/were your holy grail tools to... Read More

  1. by   Nurse Green
    Thanks for posting! I start nursing school this month as well, in Southern California! Good luck! Watching Registered Nurse RN right now!
  2. by   timeschange1961
    Along with all the other great suggestions, I would like to add that you should get a study group together and go through your material together and don't just include the top students, sometimes trying to find new ways to help someone struggling to understand a concept, can make memorizing it a lot easier.
  3. by   Osteoclast
    I will l finish my LPN program in December, and for me my powerpoints have been like a bible. My work book assignments are also another source for me. Sometimes I'll read powerpoints at least 15 times a piece, and so far it's kept me with high scores. I'm totally sticking to this method. Good luck to you !
  4. by   WestKyKing
    I record the lectures I'm allowed to on my phone. I will replay them while I study, and I will also play them on my rides to work.

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