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Which is absorbed more quickly via the oral route? A. liquid B. powder c. tablet d. capsule If during an emergency a physician asks you for your password to the drug cart you should a. say no b. say yes and change your... Read More

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    Quote from Sparrowfeather
    Number 2 still has me perplexed though I like your reasoning music in my heart.
    What do you find perplexing?

    Docs don't generally give meds... and when they do (e.g. pushing propofol or local anesthesia), they're either pulling it from their own med cart or they request it from the nurses or clinical pharmacists.

    Having worked in facilities on both ends of the size spectrum, and one in the middle, I've never encountered a situation where a doc would ever need to access the med cart. Sometimes, another nurse will pull the med and hand it off to the bedside nurse (treatment rooms can get very crowded) but that's still pulled under the name/PW of the nurse actually opening the drawer with the administration documented under the name of the nurse who actually gave the med.

    It's for very good reason that the folks pulling/giving the meds are different than the ones ordering the meds... it provides another step of accountability and control of controlled substances.

    Like the word 'always,' the word 'never' is an absolute - otherwise there would be a preceding conditional.
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    the program I am in teaches the 10 (11) rights

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