Need help with Med/Surg?

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    A few years ago I posted my A&P notes and they seemed to help a lot of people who were struggling with that beast of a class. I also have my Med/Surg I and II notes typed up and will try to post the smaller files here. Please forgive typos...sometimes I type fast and "the" becomes "teh" more often than not!

    Hmmm...I am having trouble getting files to says they're too big. I will see if I can make them the meantime, feel free to message me and I can send them to you or let you know when they are posted.
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    I think if I buy a premium membership I will be able to post my notes. Waiting to hear back from the help desk. Sorry for the delay!
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    Hi polka-dot, I would love to review your notes!
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    Same here. I sent you a pm.
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    Me too. I start med-surg in the spring!
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    Me too please, if you don't mind! This stuff is DENSE haha.
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    Yes ..I could definitely use that for something..Taking Med Surg now
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    I would love to get a copy of the notes to review!
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    I would love it if you could email them to me!
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    It looks like I just need to pay for a premium I'll do that now and see if I can get something up. I know some of the files are too big...but can possibly email those. PM me your email address if you want the bigger files. Hang tight!

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