My care plan on flash drive is lost!

  1. i am so frustrated that my care plan is lost. unfortunately i only saved it to a flash drive that i left in the library, only to be stolen. i am so depressed about it, and do not want to start over. it was almost finished, too. i really hate doing this part, identifying three standards of care (per ana's scope & standards of practice)with examples of each. lesson learned the hard way. help anyone?
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  3. by   Esme12
    I am sooo sorry this has happened to you.

    As much as you are frustrated, it is also a valuable lesson learned. We will help whenever possible but we cannot do it for you. I understand your frustration and that you have already done the work...........but that should make the second time around easier? Yes?

    Whether intentional or not there are consequences for our actions and we need to learn from them. Just like when you are nurse......if you were working in, let's say, pediatrics. You leave the side rail/crib down and the baby falls whether or not you meant it the baby still gets hurt. Or accidentally going home with your report sheet in your pocket with patients names and lab accidentally falls out of your pocket and the patients family or someone who knows the patients family sees is still a HIPAA violation and can cost you your job as well as being sued or losing your license.

    I know this is not what you wanted to hear and I'm sorry. Nursing requires strict attention to detail and nothing teaches better than experience.

    I wish you the best.
  4. by   flowergirl4
    True. I just think that I really just needed a good nights sleep and a fresh perspective. I can do this. Possibly even better than before. True, not exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks, though.
  5. by   Sturmgeist

    I always email the file to myself as a backup and so I can work on it anywhere there is a computer/internet connection. I got a friend a little tie on thingie for her flash drive after she left it in the library and only realized it after she had driven home (over an hour away).

    Saving it once is safe...backing that up with another save somewhere else (email) is prudent.
  6. by   flowergirl4
    SO true, thanks.
  7. by   Esme12
    Quote from flowergirl4
    True. I just think that I really just needed a good nights sleep and a fresh perspective. I can do this. Possibly even better than before. True, not exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks, though.
    Good Girl!!!! I thought a good nights sleep might help!
  8. by   AndrewCraigRN
    I definitely agree with having back-ups. I remember this quote from "G.I. Jane." You know, navy seal movie with Demi Moore. Anyway, remember this, "2 is 1. 1 is none." Basically, having 1 of something is basically having nothing. Lame, I know. lol Sorry for your loss. I can imagine the frustration and the feeling of emotional meltdown. Take care!
  9. by   galinda
    I utilize dropbox ( everyday throughout the day to store documents. It is a free website. I save the documents on dropbox at home. And then when I am school, I continue to work with the same document-not ever having to worry about e-mailing it to myself (For me it can get confusing, because I edit the documents). In dropbox there is only version of the document you are working on. It is also a nice way to share documents-let's say a group project. Also, I download all of my school resources and place them in dropbox folders. I am not very computer savvy so trust me when I say that is extremely easy to use. I don't even think of my flash drives anymore. Just some friendly advice.
  10. by   nurseprnRN
    i love dropbox. my entire business and personal life is on it. sure is a load off my mind if i don't have to worry about loss, damage, or theft of laptop, ipad, desktop, iphone, and i can use any of those to get into it from anywhere.
  11. by   Inori
    Good luck and email professor explaining situation and accept your point deductions for late submissions. Then start doing it asap and sumbit it as soon as humanly possible.

    * Back up your flash drives, and computer on regular basis
    * email your h.w. to yourself before logging for the nite in case your computer or flash drive dies while you're sleeping
    * drop box or google document store your important stuff

    I learned from experience to prepare for the worst case scenarios and have 2 levels of back ups. Murphy's law is true that if something will happen it will its matter of when. Super important stuff gets emailed to self immediately, Flash drive is backed up to computer every day, Computer backed up to external once a week. Recently I vs been using dropbox and google docs and icloud

    Lets see in my 2 years of nursing school I've Had to replace the following electronics: 2 blackberries (i dropped one in toilet), 1 computer, 4 flash drives (lost, stolen, destroyed, failed), 1 printer, 1 scanner, 1 keyboard, 1 external hard drive. There was the 33 pg paper that some how didn't get saved on my flash drive or i swore i did but never the less at morning time its no where to be found, the flash drive that fell apart in 3 pieces as I pulled it from my computer. You get the idea.
  12. by   LadyinScrubs
    Here is a suggestion. While you saved to the flash drive, you can attach a copy of the care plan to an email and send it to yourself. This way, if you forget the drive at home, or the drive is compromised, you have access to the copy on your email. When I would print out the care plan I always sent a copy to myself. There was one time in which I forgot the care plan at home. I could easily bring up the attachment and print it out.