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The HYPERKALEMIA "Machine" - Causes of Increased Serum K+ M - Medications - ACE inhibitors, NSAIDS A - Acidosis - Metabolic and respiratory C - Cellular destruction - Burns, traumatic injury H - Hypoaldosteronism, hemolysis... Read More

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    just what i was lookin for.....
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    Something I put together to remember side effects & adverse reactions to immunizations:

    F- Fever
    I- Itching
    S- Stiffness
    H- Headache
    E- Edema
    R- Redness
    F- Fussy
    L- Localized Tenderness
    A- Appetite decrease
    G- General Aches Pains

    WHUTN- "Whutnthehell?"

    W- Wheezing
    H- Hypotension
    U- Uticaria
    T- Tachycardia
    N- Nasal Decongestion
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    I was taught to remember the 5 heart sounds usings this mnemonic:

    Also, I noticed that some are still doing Homan's sign, however, the latest research shows that Homan's sign is not an accurate way of assessing for a DVT, instead the nurse should assess for pain, redness, and warmth in the back of the calf. Just think about it, would you really want to dorsiflex a patient's foot if they did have a DVT in their calf, you could end up with more problems than you bargain for.
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    Quote from emeraldjay
    I remember one that got drilled in during our post-op lecture. The 5 P's of circulation loss in a limb.
    Pain, Pallor, Pulselessness, Parasthesia, Poikilothermia
    One more P is Paralysis.
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    Quote from jgwe4e
    Re ekg lead placement:
    White on the right, smoke (black) over fire (red)
    We always did clouds over grass, white on the right, and smoke over fire.
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    AD - right ear
    AS - left ear
    AU - both ears

    OD - right eye
    OS - left eye
    OU - both eyes

    Remember that here in the USA you D drive on the right side of the road.
    O= optical
    A= auditory
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    any mnemonic devices for hypo and hyperglycemia? txs gina
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    Quote from foxyhill21

    hot and [color=olive]dry : sugar high

    cold and clammy need some candy
    did you see this?
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    Mneumonic device for remembering questions to ask emergency room admits:
    Car? (circumstances of event)
    Please (precipitating events)
    Listen (location of event)
    To This: (Time of event)
    Watch (when symptoms appeared)
    Underage (unconsciousness after injury?)
    Alcoholics (arrival time in ER)
    Heading (hospital admits previously?)
    Home (previous history/health status)
    And (allergies)
    Maybe (medications)
    Flattening (fears for safety)
    My (meal, time of last)
    Poodle (period, time of last menstrual)
    Dog (primary doctor, name and location of)
    Tonight (tetanus, date of last immunization)

    Everyone knows to make the ABCD (airway breathing circulation and neurologic disability) assessment first. Then as soon as possible, further assessment/intervention is done, which includes:
    His (health history)
    Head (head to toe assessment)
    Is (insert monitoring devices -- caths, ECG, arterial lines)
    So (splints for fractures)
    Wide (wound care)
    Olivia (other interventions)

    No, there's nothing else to do in Natchez, Miss., than make up silly crap!
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    If anyone has any Pharm Mnemonics.....I would love to have them. : )

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