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  1. Nurse028

    Asked to shadow? A good thing?

    I shadowed last week and was passed over for someone with more experience..this is truly a hard job market for a new nurse.
  2. Nurse028

    Any luck getting hired as a new Grad ADN?

    I have a BSN and have not worked since March...best wishes to ya..
  3. I waited til after my assessments and morning meds. My patients went to therapy so I would grab breakfast while they were in their morning session..either that or i would grab some fruit, yogurt, and orange juice to have on the way..but i rarely did that since my commute was only 5 minutes long..lol
  4. Nurse028

    Looking for a Job?

    Thanks for posting :)
  5. Prove her wrong...I was told the same thing and those professors were the first ones trying to hug me at the graduation ceremony..and I passed nclex on the first try and had a job the week after that...The best thing to do is to prove them wrong!
  6. Nurse028

    Nurses with Sickle Cell Disease

    Hi, I too have SCD. I have had many trials and set backs. I originally should have graduated in 2006, but because of my trials, I did not graduate until Dec 2010. I was told by several professors that I would never make it because of my illness. I even had one professor go as far as to tell me that I should drop out and just live on my disability checks. I was failed during one clinical because I was sick and missed 2 days, so I had to sit out a year. The following year, I went to clinical although I was sick and was failed because by doing that "I placed my patients in danger"..so I had to sit out another year..I was then told that because I failed 2 classes, I was no longer eligible to continue with the nursing program...Needless to say, I mentioned a lawyer, and was allowed to come back to school..At graduation a couple of those professors that told me I'd never make it, came to me saying how proud they we're..I looked at them and kept walking...oh, I almost forgot to mention, this same girl that would never be a nurse, passed the NCLEX on the first try! :) It can be done..might take longer than expected..but it can be done..and now if only I can find a job!
  7. Nurse028

    Mnemonics and Memory Aids

    Parkinson's Medications: "Ali Loves Boxing Matches" A-Amantadine L- Levodopa B- Bromocriptine M-MAO inhibitors