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just wondering, is a responsiblity or obligation? what is their responsiblity?... Read More

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    In our family we have four siblings, each with a different relationship with our mother, and each with different skills. I haven't gotten along with her worth spit since I was 14, and we both know we don't like to be around each other much, but I am the expert on care, care venues, meds, therapy, and the like as a result of my loooong nursing and life care planning background, so I evaluate all that and advise the others on findings-- like, does a fairly normal 85 year old need to be on three antipsychotics? (No) Should she see a geriatrician instead of the GP who gave her all that crap? (Yes) My sister lives on the other side of the continent, but she has a graduate degree in financial management, so she got her long-term care insurance a long time ago and does the insurance and general liquidity work. One brother is an out-of-work engineer, so he's the good boy and does the driving, manages the house repairs and such until it's sold, and so forth. The last brother, I'm not so sure of what he does, but he kisses a** well and his wife is a dear when it comes to smoothing over rough spots.

    Every family is different. No rules in this complex culture.
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    I am probably just too close to my father in laws death to think rationally, but I, personally, just feel it would be selfish of me to expect my children to take care of me when I'm aged and dying. The emotional burden was greater than anything else we endured. I've made it clear that I want to go to a hospice house at the end (or Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal lol). They should not be dosing my dying doses of morphine. I want to spare them from all of that.
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